- Oct 30 2008

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Clues Answers
''Same here'' DITTO
''__ Lisa'' MONA
41 Down holders PADS
Actress Hayek SALMA
Actress Shire TALIA
Battlegrounds ARENAS
Bellini opera NORMA
Buddhist sect ZEN
Burned the outer layer of SEARED
Captain of fiction AHAB
Cassette successors CDS
Chip dip SALSA
Civil-rights leader Medgar EVERS
Clothing line HEM
Clothing style RETRO
Come next ENSUE
Conductor's reference SCORE
Consumes mags READS
Courtroom worker STENO
Deep cut GASH
Desire ITCH
Diagnostic picture XRAY
Director Ephron NORA
Double agents MOLES
E-mail command SEND
Embarrass SHAME
Encouraging word CMON
Fileted fish SOLE
Green Hornet's aide KATO
Half a shilling SIXPENCE
Hard journeys TREKS
Heavy coat ARMOR
Illegible jotting SCRIBBLE
Is a sport PAYS
Keyboard key ENTER
Kilted musician PIPER
Literary alter ego HYDE
Loses traction SKIDS
Clues Answers
Make changes to EMEND
Make dirty SOIL
Makes changes to ALTERS
Maritime greeting AHOY
Monumental EPIC
Mountain buggy ATV
Moves it ZIPS
Munich mister HERR
Nautical direction APORT
October birthstone OPAL
Pier 1 rival IKEA
Police action RAID
Pot spot STOVE
Prepare to check out REPACK
Put into words UTTER
Quick stick POKE
Recipe phrase PINCHOFSALT
Ron Howard film of '99 EDTV
Scotch partner SODA
Ski-resort purchase LIFTTICKET
Slightly ATAD
Something simple SNAP
Speak one's mind OPINE
Storyteller LIAR
Synagogue reading TORAH
Syndicated radio host IMUS
Take an extra base, perhaps STEALSECOND
The one here THIS
Tire-pressure letters PSI
Tot's taboo NONO
Troop group UNIT
Unheeding DEAF
W. Hemisphere pact NAFTA
Wall St. debuts IPOS
Washington and __ University LEE
Wee amount IOTA
What to wear GARB
Work on galleys EDIT