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Clues Answers
'Golly!' GEE
'Now begin' GOTOIT
'Well, sorry!' SOSUEME
'Yeah, right...' OHSURE
1955 hit for Tennessee Ernie Ford SIXTEENTONS
Ancient region of Turkey for which a sea is named IONIA
Antipollution org EPA
Authentic REAL
Baseball's 'Say Hey Kid' MAYS
Border on ABUT
Calorie-laden RICH
Chicago-to-Atlanta dir SSE
Corp. money handler CFO
Croque-monsieur meat HAM
Dallas cager, for short MAV
Dalmatian mark SPOT
Deer babies FAWNS
Desert plant with sword-shaped leaves YUCCA
Egg-shaped tomato ROMA
EMT expertise CPR
Energizes, as a crowd AMPSUP
Field bales HAY
First-rate STERLING
Fitting name for a cook STU
Flag on a lapel, e.g PIN
Foot feature TOE
Frightened shout NOTTHAT
Funnel-shaped flowers PETUNIAS
Future building spaces, perhaps VACANTLOTS
Gin and tonic garnish LIME
Gobbled up ATE
Graphic often including insets of AK and HI USMAP
Hip hop's ___ Boys BEASTIE
Hosp. diagnostic scan MRI
Hostile force ENEMY
Inflatable transports RUBBERRAFTS
Inform TELL
Is for two? ARE
Clues Answers
Jokester's question GETIT
Kicks out EXPELS
Kiddie lit meanie OGRE
Lawyers' org ABA
Made the scene CAME
Med. insurance groups HMOS
No-parking area on a street FIRELANE
Path for hikers TRAIL
Posed for a portrait SAT
Postal Service symbol EAGLE
Predatory felines PUMAS
Prepared SET
Refuse piles TRASHHEAPS
Respect ESTEEM
Response to a ring WHOSTHIS
Robotic floor cleaner ROOMBA
Rowboat mover OAR
Russian pancakes BLINI
Salt for le chef de cuisine SEL
Scotsman's cap TAM
Sneezing sound ACHOO
Sound detector EAR
Sound of music NOTE
Sports game outcomes FINALSCORES
Stan of Marvel Comics LEE
Start of many titles THE
Subsequently LATERON
Suet or lard FAT
Supplies with a crew STAFFS
Theater box LOGE
Torn ___ (athlete's knee injury) ACL
Total guess STAB
Turkish coin LIRA
Upper crust ELITE
Vending machine opening SLOT
Voting yes PRO
___ card (cellphone component) SIM