Wall Street Journal - Jun 26 2017 - H.O.T. Stuff

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Clues Answers
'Gladiator' star CROWE
'I cannot tell ___' ALIE
'Slip Slidin' Away' singer PAULSIMON
1981 hit for ELO HOLDONTIGHT
7UP, in bygone ads UNCOLA
Alleviated EASED
Alternative to Dem. and Rep IND
Appearance LOOK
Archipelago part ISLE
Aromatherapy place SPA
Attire DRESS
Bartender's mixer SODA
Blast, so to speak HIGHOLDTIME
Book makeup PAGES
Boorish CRASS
Bunches ALOT
Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec, e.g REDWINE
Canonized person SAINT
Card worth one or eleven in blackjack ACE
Cattle call MOO
Cavalry base FORT
Chaney of horror films LON
City of northern England LEEDS
Clearasil target, informally ZITS
Combo's engagement GIG
Come to a close END
Competed in a bee, in Britain SPELT
Crowning points ACMES
F. Scott Fitzgerald's wife ZELDA
Favoring neither faction in a dispute NEUTRAL
Flip decision HEADSORTAILS
Goal of negotiations DEAL
Haddock's home SEA
Have unpaid debts OWE
Hay storage site LOFT
Hay units BALES
Clues Answers
Herring's kin SHAD
Hired bully GOON
Humdingers DOOZIES
Idyllic spot LOTUSLAND
Imaginary line through the Earth AXIS
In addition ALSO
Inert gas NEON
Lend a hand AID
Letter after upsilon PHI
Lift up RAISE
Like most indoor plants POTTED
Like the smell of burning plastic ACRID
Lively party BASH
Nation between Can. and Mex USA
Occupied the throne RULED
One, for Juan UNO
Paver's goo TAR
Perfect IDEAL
Pop singer Mars BRUNO
Popular sunning spot POOLSIDE
Preordained occasion SETDATE
Prom chaperones, usually ADULTS
Really hate ABHOR
Rust or lime, for example OXIDE
Sharpen WHET
Ship of 1492 NINA
Smorgasbord offering FOOD
Songwriter Porter COLE
Spouse's family INLAWS
Star of TV's 'Westworld' EDHARRIS
Suggestion HINT
Swipe over a checkout laser SCAN
The Concorde, for one SST
Tissue layers PLIES
Toothpaste type GEL
Wedding exchange IDOS
Willy with a chocolate factory WONKA