The Washington Post - Jun 18 2017

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Clues Answers
'Agreed!' AMEN
'All the Love' singer Adams OLETA
'How about that!' ILLBE
'I'm getting to it' SOON
'Swing Shift' Oscar nominee LAHTI
'The Call of the Wild' ride SLED
'The Dark Mirror' antagonist, e.g EVILTWIN
'Tut-tut' evokers NONOS
'You gotta be kidding me!' AWMAN
'You've found the right person' IMIT
23-Across buyer SODADRINKER
Airport sign ARRIVALS
Alert precipitated by heavy rain FLOODADVISORY
Annual Silver State celebration NEVADADAY
Aquanaut's habitat SEALAB
Aromatherapy choice SCENT
Audio system connector IPODADAPTER
Aussie bedrolls SWAGS
Bad-mouth ASPERSE
Bank offering for smartphones ATMAPP
Bank protection LEVEE
Battery pole ANODE
Big name in auto maintenance MIDAS
Biker's headgear, perhaps DORAG
Boxer's comment ARF
Brand created in Toronto in 1904 CANADADRY
Brand measured in drops VISINE
Brand with a spokesstork who sounds like Groucho VLASIC
Bringing home EARNING
British county SHIRE
British peers EARLS
Campaign funding org PAC
Cat Nation people ERIES
Charged RANAT
City near Tulsa ENID
Clan symbol TOTEM
Claret or burgundy DARKRED
Cleared out VACATED
Collar NAB
Colorful appetizer platter items VEGGIES
Comfy footwear MOC
Comics pooch ODIE
Completely behind ALLFOR
Composer Rorem NED
Confirm, as a password RETYPE
Country RURAL
Creamy quaff NOG
Cried out YELLED
Crown-installing org ADA
Culinary guard in ancient Rome TASTER
Curious to a fault NOSY
Descriptor in lotion commercials SILKY
Difficult to find ELUSIVE
Duncan of the Obama Cabinet ARNE
England's first poet laureate DRYDEN
Espresso order LATTE
Exiled Shah Mohammad __ Pahlavi REZA
Factor in tanning UVRAY
Far-reaching BROAD
Farm denizen ANT
Fatuous INANE
Fence material? LOOT
File command option SAVEAS
Fingerprint pattern WHORL
Flu symptom FEVER
Flutter FLAP
Follower's suffix ITE
Former 'How Do Your Children Grow?' PBS host LeShan EDA
Free sample constraint ONEEACH
Galileo's birthplace PISA
Garlicky mayo AIOLI
Gave one's word ASSURED
Clues Answers
Get a hint of DETECT
Getting into the wrong business? MEDDLING
Go by quickly FLYPAST
Goes for the lure BITES
Golfer Isao AOKI
Gorilla Glue, for one WOODADHESIVE
How sun-dried tomatoes are packed INOIL
How-to presentation DEMO
Hypotheticals IFS
Improvise WINGIT
Industry heavyweights TITANS
Infamous 1974 bank robbers: Abbr SLA
Inner turmoil ANGST
It's usually down for the night EYELID
Kin of -trix ENNE
Landscape artist George INNESS
Like some index cards LINED
Many a Charlton Heston movie EPIC
Many a retired racehorse SIRE
Meeting staple AGENDA
Messy meal RIBS
Military drill syllable HUP
Mr. Right THEONE
National Humor Mo APR
NATO member since 2009 ALB
Newspaper revenue source CLASSIFIEDAD
No denial? YES
Noisy disturbance TUMULT
Online icon AVATAR
Opera star Pinza EZIO
Outdoor party focal point TAILGATE
Partner of 46-Down AAH
Partner of 55-Across OOH
Physics calculation MASS
Piece of the past RELIC
Plastic __ Band ONO
Power conduit WIRE
Press Secretary Spicer SEAN
Put in other words, say EDIT
Put to sleep, perhaps BORE
Return ID SSN
Run off ESCAPE
Run over ENDLATE
Samaritan's offering AID
Sandberg in Cooperstown RYNE
School social worker's concern CHILDADVOCACY
Secluded spot GLEN
Sloth, e.g SIN
Some basilica singers ALTI
Some emailed files PDFS
Squalid quarters STY
Start to tour? ECO
Still developing UNRIPE
Streamlet RILL
Tacked on ADDED
Talk show medium AMRADIO
Taylor's husband between Wilding and Fisher TODD
They may be broken on purpose LAWS
They're on the house EAVES
Time off LEAVE
Today's honoree, found in this puzzle's eight longest answers DAD
Trilogy, often SAGA
Web search tool ENGINE
Weeds out FILTERS
Whittle PARE
Word near Kazakhstan, on maps ARAL
Word of agreement DITTO
Wrangler material DENIM
Yard or boom SPAR
__ Butterworth MRS