Rock and Roll - Jun 25 2017

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Clues Answers
"Blurred Lines" Robin THICKE
"Can't Fight This Feeling" ___ Speedwagon REO
"Dedicated to the One I Love" '60s girl group SHIRELLES
"Do You Know the Way to San ___" JOSE
"Enter the Grave" U.K. metalers EVILE
"Ex's and Oh's" King ELLE
"Exit light, ___ night" Metallica ENTER
"I Met Him ___ Sunday" by 34-Down ONA
"Just walk away ___, you won't see me follow you back home" RENEE
"King" in Steve Martin song TUT
"Meet me ___ middle of the day" Steve Forbert INTHE
"Mr. Blue Sky" band ELO
"Oh Lord, stuck in ___ again" CCR LODI
"Only Time Will Tell" band ASIA
"Round and Round" R&Ber Campbell TEVIN
"See the ___ as your breath hits the air" Manfred Mann lyric MIST
"Tarkus" prog-rockers, for short ELP
"Will you still ___ tomorrow?" by 34-Down LOVEME
"___ Go Home (My Little Darling)" by 34-Down DONT
"___ help myself, cause baby it's you" song by 34-Down CANT
"___ the One" Robbie Williams cover SHES
"___, love me true" LOVEMETENDER
'81 Go-Go's album "Beauty and the ___" BEAT
A Day to Remember "If It Means ___ to You" ALOT
Aerosmith "I Don't Want to ___ Thing" MISSA
Alanis Morissette "Jagged Little ___" PILL
Alison Krauss band UNIONSTATION
Aussie rockers You ___ AMI
Bad reception to a new song ICY
Beyonce covered this James ETTA
Blind Melon "___ of Home" TONES
Bob Seger "___ Tonight" WEVEGOT
Britney Spears exclamation OOPS
Catch-22 Biohazard song? TRAP
Complete Spinanes song? ENTIRE
Country Gene Simmons was born in ISRAEL
Creed's lyric poem? ODE
Clues Answers
Cruise ship band might play down one CANAL
Eagles "___ these crazy old nights" ONEOF
Ethereal "Watermark" singer ENYA
Fashion and music magazine NYLON
Feminine Elvis Costello song? SHE
Folk icon Mitchell JONI
George Harrison "All Those Years ___" AGO
Hole single about beach city MALIBU
Icelandic band Sigur ___ ROS
Imogen Heap "___, Oh My" OHME
Jimmy Buffett "___ in Margaritaville" MEETME
Kid Rock "Somebody's Gotta ___ This" FEEL
Kind of "Weeks" on '68 album, to Van Morrison ASTRAL
Late to take the stage TARDY
Lucky fans have the front row ones SEATS
Matthew to Gunnar Nelson TWIN
Metallica "Nothing ___ Matters" ELSE
Might be found in a clown's eye, says Smokey TEAR
Might drop during Eddie Van Halen solo JAW
Might need to do this for foreign audience TRANSLATE
Montana or Spearritt HANNAH
NOFX "Separation of Church and ___" SKATE
Operatic soprano Netrebko ANNA
Pete Droge "___ Stopwatch" SUNSPOT
Pete Townshend "Heart to Hang ___" ONTO
Plain White T's song inspired by balloon gas? HELIUM
Reed section member OBOE
RHCP song that's a shade of green? PEA
Smash Mouth "___ delay, act now, supplies are running out" SODONT
Some rockers long for one in a movie ROLE
Soundtrack for Will Smith boxing movie ALI
The Who bassman, aka "Thunderfingers" JOHNENTWISTLE
Van Halen "___ Cradle Will Rock" ANDTHE
Video plots might have story ones ARCS
What execs throw for #1 band ABASH
What Steely Dan will do to "the Years"? REEL
What you did for entire rocking show STOOD
Where you want to see your band ONTV