New York Times - Oct 29 2008

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Clues Answers
'Bingo!' IWIN
'Lady Love' singer Lou RAWLS
'Look ___ hands!' MANO
'Ta-ta!' CIAO
'The Cloister and the Hearth' novelist READE
1969 Three Dog Night hit ONE
Actress Samms EMMA
Add up to EQUAL
Al Capp's Daisy ___ MAE
Animal's trail SPOOR
Band with the 1993 hit 'Man on the Moon' REM
Blood drive attendee DONOR
Blowgun ammo DART
Bundy and Kaline ALS
Capital of 18-Across OSLO
Companion of scientia ARS
Computer game set on an island MYST
Convenience store convenience ATM
Country bowers FIDDLEPLAYERS
Cowboy who rode Champion AUTRY
Falcon's home AERIE
Fife and Frank BARNEYS
Flag's position, at times HALFMAST
Fork-tailed fliers TERNS
Gaucho's weapon BOLA
Georgian's neighbor ARMENIAN
Glen Bell's fast food TACOS
Hardly ruddy WAN
Holey confection LIFESAVER
In reference to ASFOR
In romance poetry, a frequent rhyme for June MOON
Initiates cruelly HAZES
It may be minimum WAGE
Jerry's sitcom neighbor COSMO
John who played Gomez Addams ASTIN
Lake rental, maybe CANOE
Clues Answers
Languishes AILS
Last team managed by Casey Stengel METS
Lead role MAINPART
Like Felix Unger's room TIDY
Like krypton INERT
Like some grins SLY
Links positions LIES
Low on the Mohs scale SOFT
Lustful god EROS
Meteor shower PLANETARIUM
Moneymaking activity MINTING
Most dismal DARKEST
Narrow inlet RIA
One-named artist ERTE
Online activities CHATS
Org. in 'Michael Collins' IRA
Pal of Tarzan APE
Part of C.S.A.: Abbr. AMER
Paste's partner CUT
Play ammo CAPS
Police weapon TASER
Presenting unfairly SKEWING
Richard of 'Bee Season' GERE
Scand. land NOR
Schönberg's 'Moses und ___' ARON
School's Web suffix EDU
Schoolteachers' break area STAFFROOM
Shade at a swimming pool AQUA
South American flower AMAZONRIVER
Southeast Asian LAO
Square thing MEAL
Suffix with reflex OLOGY
Super ___ (old game product) NES
Susan of 'L.A. Law' DEY
Trireme tool OAR
What subjects and verbs should do AGREE
Wing-shaped ALAR
Winter hrs. in St. Louis CST