The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 26755 - June 19, 2017

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Clues Answers
Argument over form of security for oarsman's device ROWLOCK
Arrive to cover top of range with hard metal CHROME
Artwork left one with total lack of profit LINOCUT
Caught in sort of brake, sensible to rotate this way? ANTICLOCKWISE
Chap's in a rut somehow, needing American wordbook THESAURUS
Contrite soldier possibly cooped up again at the front REPENTANT
Disorderly part of Brazil, as you and I see it? RIOTOUS
Endlessly hoping for a tablet, perhaps ASPIRIN
Flamboyant folk regularly having a fling FLASHY
Friendly comment made in Muslim leader's office IMAMATE
Governor lives in dry environment, one believes THEIST
Having no idea! Not like you, the solver! CLUELESS
In east of France, shipment included French food ESCARGOT
Lose grip, as in a quiet country road? AQUAPLANE
Clues Answers
Majestic old lady taking on duke GRAND
Not the sole source of stimulation? UPPER
Old Italian PM originally controlling firm in African state MOROCCO
One opposing others taking Queen round islands RESISTER
Politicians deceived in broadcast, pursued by press SHADOWCABINET
Protective cover for front of stage APRON
Rule about feeding marine mammal, a feature of the coast SEAWALL
Sadly, hotelier's lost cat TORTOISESHELL
Surprisingly sore about revolutionary altar screen REREDOS
Tell, perhaps, being comparatively mischievous ARCHER
Traumatic undertaking for agricultural workers HARROWING
Tree planted by French marshal in small island ALDERNEY
Verbal announcement of sports merchandise? WARES
What some soldiers do, getting at the untrendy SQUAREBASHING