Wall Street Journal - Jun 10 2017 - T for Two

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Clues Answers
'Lost in Yonkers' aunt GERT
'My thoughts exactly' IAGREE
'The Cotton Club' star GERE
'The Little Mermaid' villain URSULA
Aid illegally ABET
Alabama or Kansas BAND
Alludes to CITES
Alpine abodes CHALETS
Amphibian's will? NEWTTESTAMENT
Arabian racers CAMELS
Bad things come in them, some say THREES
Banderas's 'Desperado' co-star HAYEK
Barbara and Jenna, to Jeb NIECES
Battery components TESTS
Beach acquisitions SUNTANS
Believer IST
Best of the early Beatles PETE
Biden's successor PENCE
Big-screen brand IMAX
Boarding school figure MATRON
Boarding site GATE
Body part whose name comes from the Latin for 'millstone' MOLAR
Bouquet AROMA
Brings in EARNS
Capybara or cavy RODENT
Carpet cleaners, for short VACS
Check recipients PAYEES
Cinnabar or galena ORE
Claim of innocence NOTI
Clinic quantity DOSE
Colony member ANT
Combine MELD
Compass drawings ARCS
Creamy concoction PUREE
Cut ___ (dance) ARUG
Deplane, dramatically EJECT
Disintegrates ROTS
Dorm duo, perhaps ROOMIES
Dueling pistol part FLINT
Early auto REO
Face with heart-shaped eyes, e.g EMOJI
First number in a subtraction problem MINUEND
Game leader EMCEE
Garfield's frenemy ODIE
Greek island off the coast of Turkey SAMOS
Groups of pirates responsible for carrying the treasure? CHESTTEAMS
Guidebook feature MAP
Happy colleague DOC
Hauling job for a shipbuilder? MASTTRANSIT
Hefty read TOME
Hieroglyphic reptile ASP
Home to early newsgroups USENET
Imagined DREAMT
Investors' setbacks LOSSES
Invites ASKS
Item in a tight tin SARDINE
Jawaharlal's daughter INDIRA
John Glenn's portrayer in 'The Right Stuff' EDHARRIS
Keep house? CASTLE
Kendrick Lamar specialty RAP
Kingly address SIRE
Lange who played Isaac on 'The Love Boat' TED
Laptop alternative TABLET
Light-sensitive layer RETINA
Like ALA
Like some titmice TUFTED
Looked curiously PEERED
Lord Rataxes, in the Babar books, e.g RHINO
Clues Answers
Lotto kin KENO
Louise Fitzhugh's titular spy HARRIET
Lukas of 'The Revenant' HAAS
Madrid money, before the euro PESETA
Mail party SENDER
Make a real impression on DENT
Marge Simpson? BARTTENDER
Middle Eastern fruit merchant? DATETRADER
Mind the kids SIT
Mongolian monk LAMA
Morgan's mom MARE
Moroccan stew TAGINE
Nationwide staff AGENTS
Nettle IRK
Ointment additive ALOE
Ones in charge of the factory whistle? TOOTTIMERS
Outcome from a speeder's arrest? BUSTTICKET
Overly formal STILTED
Pass over SKIP
Passes over OMITS
Past tense? NERVOUS
Person of parts ACTOR
Player's peg TEE
Popinjay FOP
Pot protector ENAMEL
Prepares for a shot, as a cue CHALKS
Protested forcefully RAILED
Punch sound KAPOW
Put away STOW
Relinquish CEDE
Renter-to-renter contract SUBLEASE
Responsibilities ONUSES
Rotating neutron star PULSAR
Rounds, e.g AMMO
Russian retreat DACHA
Sells out RATSON
Seventh avatar of Vishnu RAMA
Simple rhyme scheme ABAB
Skilled ABLE
Slow movements ADAGIOS
Snapper deployed as a cushion? SEATTURTLE
Sound intensity units BELS
Specialized vocabulary LINGO
Staff symbol NOTE
Stepped down ALIT
Stunned, in a way TASED
Sunday delivery SERMON
Superlattice components ATOMS
Supply with a fresh crew REMAN
Swimsuit depicting cakes and cookies? TREATTRUNKS
Temple cabinets ARKS
Tennis do-over LET
They may feature designs in the foam LATTES
They once came in Grape, Tangerine and Snow IMACS
They resemble aitches ETAS
They're no fun to play with CHEATERS
Tlacopan people AZTEC
Totally amazing INSANE
Understood by few ARCANE
Utter gratingly RASP
Visibility lessener HAZE
Warehouse platform PALLET
Well-seasoned stew RAGOUT
When Louis XV predicted 'le deluge' APRESMOI
Wonder unit LOAF
Words of approximation ORSO
You can do it with a DVR (though not literally) REWIND