Universal - Oct 24 2008

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Clues Answers
''Do you have two fives for ___?'' ATEN
''Employ'' attachment EES
''Fernando'' foursome ABBA
''How much do ___ you?'' IOWE
''Pull it,'' in proofreading DELE
''Too bad, ___'' SOSAD
''___ Lucy'' (classic sitcom) ILOVE
Actor James___ Jones EARL
Administered with a spoon ORAL
Alternative to waxing NEET
Beefy baby CALF
Circular FLIER
Clears up, as rumors DISPELS
Cola ingredient CAFFEINE
Come down in buckets TEEM
Comics sound effect ZAP
Common sprain site ANKLE
Daredevil Robbie's daredevil dad EVEL
Dead center? TOMB
Different ending? IAL
Ecstatic exclamation ZOWIE
Elicit an ''ooh'' from AWE
Ermine with a summer coat STOAT
Exams for future D.A.s LSATS
Eye inflammation STYE
Fifth zodiac sign LEO
Firetruck feature SIREN
First application blank NAME
Great, in Variety headlines BOFFO
Handed-down stories LORE
Hotel freebie, perhaps WIRELESSNETWORK
Hotel freebie, perhaps BREAKFASTBUFFET
Hotel freebie, perhaps CABLETELEVISION
In ___ of (rather than) LIEU
It can be eaten a la mode PIE
Item with a sleeve ALBUM
Jethro Bodine portrayer Max Jr. BAER
Journeyman sailor OLDSALT
Kingsley or Martin AMIS
Clues Answers
List type TODO
Mai ___ (rum drink) TAI
Mann or McPherson AIMEE
Mezzo's solo ARIA
Military bases POSTS
Nobel winner Wiesel ELIE
Out of the yard LOOSE
Passe marriage vow word OBEY
Pet on a wheel GERBIL
Prefix meaning ''nine'' ENNEA
Reader's Digest co-founder Wallace LILA
Reply in a juvenile spat ISTOO
Respond to the rooster ARISE
Running a few minutes behind LATISH
Sandwich from the oven MELT
Scheduled to occur ONTAP
Segments PARTS
Sharecrop FARM
Shed, as feathers MOLT
Skeptical exclamation IBET
Sombrero feature BRIM
Spices up ENLIVENS
Ten thousand minus one? OOOO
Thanksgiving roaster OVEN
They provide lift on runways HEELS
Time to draw? NOON
Trolley tone CLANG
Two-footed livestock FOWL
Unexpected game outcome UPSET
Union in D.C., for example STA
Wall Street intro. IPO
Words before ''rule'' or ''result'' ASA
Worn away EATEN
Wrapped up OVER
Yemen woman, for one ARAB
You may hit it when you're angry ROOF
Younger, as a brother KID
___ cotta TERRA
___ kwon do (martial art) TAE