- Jun 8 2017

Clues Answers
''DNA or __?'' (cosmetics slogan) OLAY
''Enough, I get it!'' OKOK
''Parties,'' to ''pirates'': Abbr ANAG
''Wheel of Fortune'' buy ANI
31 Across implement SWAB
Academic period YEAR
Accessorize ADORN
Babysitter, at times AUNT
Back-of-orchestra instruments TIMPANI
Bask in ENJOY
Be indisposed AIL
Bedroom community EXURB
Birthday party rituals WISHES
Bit of pepper DASH
Bucolic RURAL
Burns, for one SCOT
Car-boot item TYRE
Cry of fright YIPE
Deep cut GASH
Does and bucks DEER
Down garment, maybe VEST
Early job for Walt Disney NEWSBOY
Fall in with JOIN
Fan favorite IDOL
Far from crisp LIMP
Firewood order CORD
G, in the C scale SOL
Galaxy Tab alternative IPAD
Gestural communication: Abbr ASL
Green pear ANJOU
Harry's Hogwarts chum RON
Hesitant denial UHNO
Keaton, in ''The Founder'' KROC
Kid lit author Carle ERIC
Lose power WANE
Luau figurine TIKI
Clues Answers
Made haste HIED
March honoree, familiarly STPAT
Marge's eldest BART
Mean-spirited ORNERY
Mechanical learning ROTE
Moisturizer ingredient ALOE
Off-target, in a way WIDE
Other glove MATE
Overcast GRAY
Penlight battery AAA
Rink leaps AXELS
Rise up REAR
Robin Hood refreshment ALE
Rolex Submariner, e.g ANALOGWATCH
Ruckus ADO
Ruckus FUSS
Scintilla IOTA
Sidekick PAL
Small vortex EDDY
Something boring SNORE
Sporty Chevy CAMARO
Stigma MARK
Suit since the '40s BIKINI
Teen's big event PROM
Terra __ FIRMA
Theme of the puzzle THINGSWITHHANDS
Time to remember ERA
To be refined RAW
To this point ASYET
Tolstoy heroine ANNA
Treater's term ONME
Trident-shaped letters PSIS
Unmitigated UTTER
Verdi masterwork AIDA
What a flat needs AIR
Windjammer or clipper SAILINGSHIP
__ sauce (raspberry topping) MELBA
__ Soleil (Louis XIV) LEROI