- Oct 24 2008

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Clues Answers
''Babi __'' (Yevtushenko poem) YAR
''Dragnet'' star WEBB
''Everybody Loves Raymond'' mom MARIE
''The Dark Knight'' star BALE
''The Father of American Education'' HORACEMANN
''The Usual Suspects'' Oscar winner KEVINSPACEY
Actress Falco EDIE
Alexandria's river NILE
Betting strategy SYSTEM
Bettor's adviser TIPSTER
BMW alternative AUDI
Brimless hat TAM
Certain promises IDOS
Chuckleheads SAPS
Clear a hurdle LEAP
Con games SCAMS
Cradle call MAMA
Cruise ship LINER
Cut and paste EDIT
Decree EDICT
Didn't budge STAYED
Directive BEHEST
Examine with an x-ray SEEINTO
Expunge ERASE
Footnote abbr. ETAL
From the keg ONTAP
Fulfill MEET
Gem units CARATS
Give a keynote ORATE
Glitzy dress material LAME
Hard precipitation HAIL
Hopalong Cassidy portrayer BOYD
Hungarian sheepdog PULI
Imparts LENDS
Jibs and spankers SAILS
Just sitting IDLE
Lagoon enclosure ATOLL
Lain in the sun BASKED
Clues Answers
Layer COAT
Leaf gatherers RAKERS
Liking TASTE
List shortener ETC
Literary pseudonym ELIA
Look to be SEEM
Loretta Lynn portrayer SISSYSPACEK
Make well HEAL
Manx, for one CAT
Military address SIR
Mimic Tarzan YELL
Mother of Albert II GRACEKELLY
Move, briefly RELO
Neck shapes VEES
Newsman Koppel TED
Nice __ (prig) NELLY
Nursery-rhyme king COLE
Positive feedback YESES
Ready to go ALLSET
Really go for ADORE
River of Tuscany ARNO
Rotisserie part SPIT
Shoot for AIMAT
Sired, old-style BEGAT
Sit heavily PLOP
Skylit areas ATRIA
Swimmer's woe EARACHE
Take a sickle to REAP
Take out DELETE
Testing room LAB
Thai's neighbor LAO
That ''femme'' ELLE
Tiny pond denizens AMEBAS
Treaty subject ARMS
Weather-map area LOW
Went along SAIDOK
Where a hole begins TEE
Work detail SPEC
__ Antony MARC