USA Today - May 30 2017

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Clues Answers
"Incidentally," to a texter BTW
"Runaway" singer Shannon DEL
"Well done!" NICE
Abrasive stuff GRIT
Angst-ridden music genre EMO
Attack from all sides BESET
Barbershop sound SNIP
Be successful in WINAT
Blanchett of "Elizabeth" CATE
Board game turn, perhaps SPIN
Brian who composed the Windows 95 startup sound ENO
Brunei's island BORNEO
Currency in Red Square RUBLE
Deposed ruler granted asylum by Carter SHAH
Drag to court SUE
Drive in Freudian theory LIBIDO
Emoticon element, for short PAREN
Extra NBA periods OTS
Fleischer of the Bush 43 White House ARI
Flexible, like a ballerina's body LITHE
Food product depicting a bow tie-clad gentleman UNCLEBENSRICE
Game with Draw Two cards UNO
Goon squad member THUG
Groucho Marx's role in "The Big Store" WOLFJFLYWHEEL
Group that got bin Laden SEALS
Gunslinger's dare DRAW
Heaven on earth PARADISE
Hitches, as a ride THUMBS
In love with oneself VAIN
In the know about UPON
In-the-way item OBSTACLE
Lady Liberty's green coat PATINA
Left-winger, for short LIB
Less of a risk SAFER
Letter-shaped gripper CCLAMP
Like a roomy garage TWOCAR
Like Avila, Spain WALLED
Clues Answers
Like no-longer-used words, in a dict OBS
Little Havana's city MIAMI
Mane locale NAPE
March 17 slogan word ERIN
Musical with the song "Buenos Aires" EVITA
Nick of "Lorenzo's Oil" NOLTE
No. 2 exec in most states LTGOV
Not all that young OLDISH
On the same page, so to speak INSYNC
Pass along, as gossip RETELL
Passionate about INTO
Peter who cartooned for the New Yorker ARNO
Places for some office-building cafes ATRIA
Pool members of yore STENOS
Profs' aides, for short TAS
Pundit's piece OPED
Pursuer of Nitti NESS
Rain jackets and such FOULWEATHERGEAR
Run at a red light IDLE
Seek cover HIDE
Self-indulgent acts EGOTRIPS
Show contempt for JEERAT
Showed contempt for SPATAT
Solve, as a geometry problem PROVE
Source of most moonlight SUN
Sports team on the Thames CREW
Staples Center, e.g ARENA
Starting-date phrase ASOF
Stuck at a dead-end job, say INARUT
Sunburn aftermath PEEL
Sundae topping HOTFUDGE
Talking head's delivery NEWS
The majority of Greenlanders INUIT
Treater's phrase ONME
Word in French surnames DES
Young Scots LADS
___-eared rabbit LOP