New York Times - May 30 2017

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Clues Answers
'Don't Cry for Me Argentina' musical EVITA
'Finding Dory' fish NEMO
'Let's go!' to sled dogs MUSH
'My goodness!' GOSH
'Storage Wars' network AANDE
20 dispensers ATMS
Abate EASE
An ex of Donald Trump MARLA
Beach hill DUNE
Bend to one side LEAN
Bogged down MIRED
Bolt go-with NUT
Boxer Drago of 'Rocky IV' IVAN
Brains ... or this puzzle's four circled names? GREYMATTER
Catholic service MASS
Chrysler truck RAM
Clarinet piece REED
Collection of textbook chapters UNIT
Dance at a 52-Down HULA
Debussy's sea MER
Dropped a bit SLID
Dwight's opponent in 1952 and '56 ADLAI
Event with 48-Down dancing LUAU
Fearsome dino TREX
Fortitude GUTS
Furious IRATE
Genesis garden EDEN
Guitarist's key-changing aid CAPO
Highest figure in sudoku NINE
Horse breed known for dressage [western writer] LIPIZZANER
Intend MEAN
Island wrap SARONG
It helps you see plays in replays SLOMO
Its logo consists of four interlocking circles AUDI
Justice Gorsuch NEIL
Like a silhouette [19th-century U.K. prime minister] REARLIT
Liquid hospital supply SERUM
List component ITEM
Madeline of 'Blazing Saddles' KAHN
Clues Answers
Mexican moolah PESO
Modern bookmark URL
Olympic symbol FLAME
One side of a Stevenson character HYDE
One starting a story 'Back in my day ...,' say ELDER
Open ___ (start at the bar, maybe) ATAB
Pains ILLS
Peruvian of long ago INCA
Praising poem ODE
Pre-service announcement? ADIN
Prize you don't want on 'Let's Make a Deal' ZONK
Pronoun for two or more OUR
Public transit option RAIL
Raggedy ___ ANN
Really made the point [TV surgeon played by Ellen Pompeo] HAMMEREDITHOME
Reference CITE
Religion with the Five Pillars ISLAM
Rogen of 'Neighbors' SETH
Shakespeare, for one BARD
Simoleon BUCK
Ska relative REGGAE
Sluggish INERT
Sondheim's '___ the Woods' INTO
Sprang LEAPT
Sprint competitor TMOBILE
Surface for chalk writing SLATE
Tasseled Turkish topper FEZ
Tell all BLAB
Text message button SEND
The decimal system BASETEN
The end FINIS
Took advantage of USED
Upset stomach remedy [Brontë governess] MILKOFMAGNESIA
Waterproof fabric GORETEX
Where Nepal is ASIA
Wine quality NOSE
Zoo collection ANIMALS
___ 360 (game console) XBOX
___ exam ORAL