Wall Street Journal - May 27 2017 - Threepeats

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Clues Answers
'Cabaret' director FOSSE
'Is it worth the risk?' DOIDARE
'No ifs, ___ or buts' ANDS
'So that's your game!' OHO
'The Female Eunuch' writer GREER
'The Good Dinosaur' dinosaur ARLO
'The serpent beguiled me' speaker EVE
'Tough Guys Don't Dance' author MAILER
'Wearily, wearily ___ the boundless deep we sail': Shelley OER
A, in Austria EIN
Adherents ISTS
Auto engine part FAN
Bavarian souvenir STEIN
Busyness ADO
Bygone GM autos SATURNS
Campout consumables SMORES
Caterer's container URN
Chevy Volt, e.g HYBRID
Cinephile's collectible POSTER
Copying ALA
Cornhusker State metropolis OMAHA
Covered up ENCASED
Crowd scene participants EXTRAS
Cubicle reading MEMO
Cut off LOP
Cutting comments SNARK
Danny's 'Lethal Weapon' co-star MEL
Deli hanging SALAMI
Delivery boy for Just Greens has his hands full? SALADLADLADEN
Directory listing NAMES
Dome toppers CUPOLAS
Door holder HINGE
Down SAD
Drudge's drudgery GRIND
Dump emanation STENCH
Duplicate Shaq (but not Ryan or Tatum)? CLONEONEONEAL
Ear: Prefix OTO
Early times, in odes MORNS
Earth, in some sci-fi TERRA
Even a little ANY
Fancy parties thrown in honor of a queen? REGALGALGALAS
Furry frolicker OTTER
Future fungus SPORE
Girl Scout cookie sprinkled with coconut SAMOA
Give a fraction of one's loot to a church? TITHETHETHEFT
Give a push PROPEL
Given a raw deal SHAFTED
Glass on the radio IRA
Hair razing? SHAVING
Hard wear? ARMOR
Have an adverse effect on HARM
Heap up AMASS
Heaps LOTS
Himalayan friend reacts to spotting a yeti? NEPALPALPALES
His 'Enak's Tears' is on display at MoMA ARP
Intern's undertaking ERRAND
iPad assistant SIRI
It might have two sides ENTREE
It moves between banks STREAM
Jack's 'Heartburn' co-star MERYL
Jaffe and Barrett RONAS
Jai alai player's need CESTA
Jeopardy PERIL
Jersey, e.g SHIRT
Lends a hand HELPS
Clues Answers
Letters on the A train MTA
Like electric usage METERED
Like legends RETOLD
Lorry's hood BONNET
Luxury hotel amenities SPAS
Make merchants happy SPEND
Marina slot MOORAGE
Metal source ORE
Michael Phelps won 23 of them GOLDS
Morgan's mother MARE
Nary ___ (nobody) ASOUL
Natural Bridges National Monument setting UTAH
Neighborhoods AREAS
Obsession with Caesar? ROMANMANMANIA
On the fence NOTSURE
Passed with care EASEDBY
Pea or pinto bean LEGUME
Peaceful poems IDYLS
Pig's decor that's just thrown together? HASTYSTYSTYLE
Pitcher's stat ERA
Pitches SPIELS
Pop performer? WEASEL
Prank by a mutant from 'Them!'? GIANTANTANTIC
Prince of Darkness SATAN
Puts down LAYS
Pyramid power PHARAOH
Reason for some primping HOTDATE
Ruby in the movies DEE
Ruby or garnet RED
Screen Actors Guild president before Patty Duke EDASNER
Seething states IRES
Serving staunchly LOYALTO
Showgirl's wrapper BOA
Sign that's often lit EXIT
Singer from Korea's Gangnam District PSY
Singing slave girl AIDA
Sister of Moses MIRIAM
Sitting target? CHAIR
Small complaints NITS
Somali-born supermodel IMAN
Some carry-on pieces VALISES
Speculative question WHATIF
Start for Terpsichore? TAU
State to be worth VALUEAT
Steep-roofed dwelling AFRAME
Struck down, in olden days SMOTE
Student's paper THEME
Subtly humorous DRY
Sulky state SNIT
Surrounding AMBIENT
T transfer IRONON
Tattler's cry MOM
Thoroughly exhausted BEAT
Throws coal on STOKES
Tough crowd? MOB
Twin nursed by a she-wolf REMUS
Unshakable ADAMANT
Voting 'no' on Colorado Amendment 64, say ANTIPOT
Water turbine setting DAM
Word in un dictionnaire MOT
Word-botching Oxford don SPOONER
World Wildlife Fund logo PANDA
Wrapped garments SARIS
Zoroastrian in India PARSI