Wall Street Journal - May 24 2017 - Non-Puzzle

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Clues Answers
'Life of Pi' director LEE
'Regrettably...' ALAS
'That dress looks great on you,' maybe? CLOTHESLIE
'The tiny little tea leaf tea' TETLEY
'___ who?' SEZ
2017 role for Emma Watson BELLE
Aphrodite's son EROS
Article written by Engels DAS
Average of due and quattro TRE
Be off ERR
Budget alternative HERTZ
Buffalo's county ERIE
Championship TITLE
Checked out TESTED
Collected dust SAT
Company that bought about a million feet of blue ribbon in 1892 PABST
Corp. bigwigs VPS
Corp. divisions DEPTS
Cupcake finishers ICERS
Danish, e.g PASTRY
Downtime REST
Draped dress SARI
Dreyfuss's 'Close Encounters' wife GARR
Facilitate EASE
Famed Vegas casino CAESARS
Fictional general in the Venetian army OTHELLO
Frat vowels ETAS
Gave a new look to REDID
Give the business to SCOLD
Grounded fleet SSTS
He fought Darth Sidious YODA
Hearst kidnap gp SLA
Initials of urgency ASAP
Its surface area is about 25% of what it was in 1960 ARALSEA
Jargon ending ESE
Clues Answers
Kids' racers GOKARTS
Longevity, so to speak LEGS
Lou who produced Carole King's 'Tapestry' ADLER
Marriage-age Mumbai boy, maybe? PROMISEDLAD
Meal at which the Haggadah is read SEDER
Movie promo TRAILER
Nation on the Med ISR
Open, in a way BLOOM
Pitch TOSS
Pluck GRIT
Progress STRIDES
Publican's stock ALES
Put your foot down, perhaps SPEED
Rather firm? CBS
Restraint TETHER
Result of van Gogh's depression? EARDISASTER
Road reversals, in slang UEYS
Romantic proposals OVERTURES
Saison avant l'automne ETE
Sergeant Snorkel's dog OTTO
Show time AIRDATE
Side by side ABREAST
Siesta for a Panera employee? BAKERSDOZE
Sleeper, e.g CAR
Spurred (on) EGGED
Suffered from HAD
Supplement ADDTO
Surfer's destination WEBSITE
Swiss miss of literature HEIDI
Try to tackle ADDRESS
Ukrainian port, to Ukrainians ODESA
Vatican vestment ALB
Weapon for Professor Plum ROPE
Worker's compensation WAGE
___ Field (Shea Stadium's successor) CITI