The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,433 - May 22 2017

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Clues Answers
A glass ship SCHOONER
A long time to muse ERATO
Astronaut found in local, drinking ALDRIN
Clumsy lout made to tone down remarks? MODULATE
Cracked a nut, go for something sweet NOUGAT
Dance around on broken toe? Might make a good story ANECDOTE
Dine out on hot food when up in northern capital EDINBURGH
Gloomy study son makes blue SADDENS
Immediately how one knows that someone is surprised FROMTHESTART
It sounds quite cold but it may be hot CHILLI
Its members draw on the master's guidance ARTCLASS
Local vet in a shambles NATIVE
Mix a cocktail, say, and get fish in to eat SHAKEUP
One can't see what it offers as entertainment RADIO
Clues Answers
Pay to stay SETTLE
Powerless to get substandard player suspended HAMSTRUNG
Quiet little brook anything but quiet SHRILL
Relaxed reception ATHOME
Retired people won't get such a fanciful idea DAYDREAM
Slow movement gets a soldier in trouble ADAGIO
Stop small company taking fifty on COLON
They are buried in peace HATCHETS
Title that's used in all-in wrestling? FREEHOLD
Was inadequate as an air gunner and fell short as a pilot UNDERSHOT
Welcome salesman, game to go back and pursue easier way to pay? HIREPURCHASE
When the devil drives, they must NEEDS
Willing scholar returned to provide means AMENABLE
Yard chase forged money READYCASH