L.A. Times Daily - Oct 19 2008

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Clues Answers
"American Idol" success Clay AIKEN
"Burn Notice" network USA
"In Treatment" psychologist Paul WESTON
"Murdering Airplane" artist ERNST
"Skedaddle!" SCAT
"That __ last week!" ISSO
"The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" author AESOP
"Unfortunately ..." ALAS
"__ I dreaming?" WAS
'70s landmark case, familiarly ROE
Act in an amusingly affected way CAMPITUP
Agitated state STEW
Allied gp. since 1948 OAS
Arabian chief EMIR
Area with slides LAB
Atelier item PALETTE
Audit rep CPA
Aurora, e.g. OLDS
Aussie lassie SHEILA
Author Tolstoy LEO
Automaton gone missing? ABSENTEEBOT
B-bravo link ASIN
Bale role BATMAN
Biz lead-in AGRI
Blotter letters AKA
Blue gem, for short LAPIS
Boxer played by Smith ALI
Card in the major arcana DEATH
Carp cousin DACE
Catherine the Great, e.g. TSARINA
Charlie Parker genre BEBOP
Chinese menu General TSO
Chinese port SHANGHAI
Chocolate toffee brand RIESEN
Concert venue ARENA
Depressed area GHETTO
Drink with a straw FLOAT
Durbeyfield daughter TESS
E-mail grins SMILEYS
Eastern sash OBI
Edelstein of "House" LISA
Expenditure OUTGO
Expo '70 city OSAKA
Figs. in a 3-2-4 format SSNS
Flies and gnats, e.g. ANNOYERS
Folded fare TACO
Forward-looking sort SEER
Frank prose DIARY
Gabriel or Rafael preceder SAN
Garden worker BEE
Get taken BEHAD
Group of 13 COVEN
Guinness Book ending EST
Hose woes SNAGS
Hotfoot it HASTEN
Hyperglycemia sufferer DIABETIC
In debt due to an inaccurate tax return? OWINGFORERRORS
Irish hero, briefly STPAT
It begins on Ash Wednesday LENT
It eats shoots and leaves PANDA
Joke setting BAR
Keep from getting home safely? TAG
Knock DIS
Lawyer's advice SUE
Like a Music Appreciation 101 dropout, maybe TONEDEAF
Line of clothing INSEAM
Major road PIKE
Mindful of ONTO
Monument inscribed "Sufferin' succotash!"? SYLVESTERSTONE
Clues Answers
More thin and graceful SVELTER
Most distant ICIEST
Mother-of-pearl source ABALONE
Mythical trickster LOKI
New England law school YALE
Nuevo __: Mexican state LEON
Oklahoma tribe OTOE
Old gathering places AGORAE
Old vitamin bottle abbr. RDA
One changing colors DYER
One of the Smothers Brothers TOM
Ordinal suffix ETH
OrlГ©ans green VERT
Other, in Oaxaca OTRA
Outfit for babies LAYETTE
Part of the wolf's threat HUFF
People you gamble with? BETCOMPANY
Petting zoo sound BRAY
Poet laureate before Southey PYE
Porto-Novo is its capital BENIN
Pressure STRESS
Puts in ADDS
Raft wood BALSA
Rare trick taker TREY
Reason for an R rating GORE
Remains in a tray ASH
Result of pranksters shooting at Wal-Mart's sign? AHOLEINTHEW
Ricky's portrayer DESI
Rigorously abstinent ASCETIC
River through Tours LOIRE
Rodeo competitors, in ungrammatical German? DASCOWBOYS
Ruffle ABASH
Settles in NESTS
Side with a hero SLAW
Small-time TWOBIT
Soliloquy start TOBE
Some antique radios RCAS
Space on the left INDENT
Stand waiter HACK
Strong cleaners LYES
Swamp for wishers? PENNYMARSH
Swe. neighbor NOR
Tackle box item LURE
Tennyson's twilight EEN
Tenochtitlán native AZTEC
The line before yours, e.g. CUE
Things to talk about AGENDA
Took steps ACTED
Trailers and mailers ADS
Unproven ability ESP
Uproars STIRS
Votes against NOS
Walked angrily STOMPED
Wanton look LEER
Watch chains FOBS
Wellness gp. HMO
Wild time SPREE
Wildebeest GNU
Williams of the diamond TED
Witches' party? BROOMDANCE
Word with ball or board BASE
Zeroes NILS
Zipped again, as a storage bag RESEALED
__ crossing: white-striped pedestrian area ZEBRA
__ facto IPSO