Rock and Roll - May 21 2017

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Clues Answers
"1000 Oceans" Amos TORI
"Alive" Christian nu-metal band POD
"Argus" rockers Wishbone ___ ASH
"D" in CD DISC
"Grow It At Home" musician Peter ALSOP
"I'd like to teach ___ in perfect harmony" THEWORLDTOSING
"Interstate Love Song" band (abbr.) STP
"Nemesisters" band ___ in Toyland BABES
"Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt" band WEARESCIENTISTS
"Scars" band that gardens? SOIL
"Something to Talk About" Bonnie RAITT
"Surf City" Jan and ___ DEAN
'67 Warhol movie starring Nico IAMAN
'72 Bill Withers smash USEME
'80s rocker jacket material DENIM
'91 Gang of Four album to indoor shop to? MALL
Alice Cooper "___ Mr. Nice Guy" NOMORE
America "___ Man" TIN
Barenaked Ladies '92 single off "Gordon" ENID
Big & Rich "Save ___ (Ride a Cowboy)" AHORSE
Bo Diddley "Don't Let ___" ITGO
Bon Jovi "Hearts Breaking ___" EVEN
Bruce Hornsby and the Range "The Way ___" ITIS
Bulgarian alt-rockers OSTAVA
Charting soundtrack "Hunchback of ___ Dame" NOTRE
Cherub "___ and Mimosas" DOSES
Cold War Kids "Passing the ___" HAT
Country band inspired by Texas? LONESTAR
Demonic U.K. thrash band? EVILE
Depeche Mode "Barrel of ___" AGUN
Dylan "___ Behold" LOAND
Eddie Money classic "Think ___" IMINLOVE
Elton's john? LOO
Eric Clapton "___ the Sheriff" ISHOT
Filan of Westlife SHANE
Finch album "What ___ Burn" ITISTO
Flowers thrown on stage go in them VASES
Four Tops "It's the Same Old ___" SONG
Clues Answers
Gloria Estefan "__ Stay Away From You" CANT
Goes with Samuel Beam's Wine? IRON
Hair integration for reunion tour, perhaps WEAVE
Hives hit album "Veni ___ Vicious" VIDI
Hooverphonic song about the first garden? EDEN
Incubus "___ and Water" OIL
Isaac Brock band Ugly ___ CASANOVA
It was "High" to Blondie TIDE
Jazzy James ETTA
Largest brass instrument TUBA
Lists of songs SETS
Mellencamp "Jack ___" ANDDIANE
Michael Jackson "___ Scary" ISIT
Might need them for your glasses at a grimy show WIPES
Parlophone's parent, back in the day EMI
Philistines at a concert BOOBS
Phish "___ and Marbles" PEBBLE
Place to stay INN
REO Speedwagon "Take ___ the Run" ITON
Richard Marx "Hold ___ the Nights" ONTO
Righteous Babe DiFranco ANI
Ringo Starr "___ Come Easy" ITDONT
Silent, about star's secret MUM
Sixx:A.M. "Heroin Diaries Soundtrack" jam DEADMANSBALLET
Soiled Living Colour album? STAIN
Swing or Classical, e.g ERA
Tekitha song about being mindful? ONIT
They "bless the rains down in Africa" TOTO
Waylon Jennings "Working Without ___" ANET
Western home state of Meg and Dia UTAH
What killer band will do STUN
What performer did during applause BOWED
What record contracts hinge on SALES
What star does to fan's hand through crowd HOLDS
What's thrown in at breakup TOWEL
Yardbirds "Broken Wings and Empty ___" NESTS
___ Rhymes BUSTA
___ Simon PAUL