The Telegraph - Toughie - May 19 2017

Clues Answers
Academic daughter wears clobber as Shakespeare character MACDUFF
Actor Jeff grapples clearly after much beer -- some here are disgusted? TUNBRIDGEWELLS
African brothers facing current on banks of Tigris TUTSI
Balance son, accompanied by cheers, on top of sibling STASIS
Checking van in lock-up, engineer altered tone NILEGREEN
Cleaner look about kitchen essentially eliminated complaint HOUSEMAIDSKNEE
Cry of disgust after man from Spain disrobed -- no more! ENOUGH
Drop off acquired work books GOTOPOT
Enjoying nightlife perhaps, then to building with private ONTHETOWN
Firework displays finally cease (time's gone) before 6th of November SQUIB
Forgetful, undergoing strain? SIEVELIKE
French wine keeps twelve months in Rome, on average MEDIOCRE
Have fun with Jack cutting single over year ENJOY
Historian Tom maybe returned suit when changed TACITUS
Left loaf after pea soup and fruit HAZELNUT
Clues Answers
Like certain models better/not as much? TOPLESS
More than one saying police rebuffed volunteers DICTA
Photographic gear welcome -- it's needed for a fantastic creature CHIMERA
Relatively rough pastry food in Birmingham, right at southern end BUMPIER
Renegade heads to another part of Alaska for one APOSTATE
Rhonda, with gut being dodgy, discovers how booze is dispensed ONDRAUGHT
Some Melba toast served up? TABLE
Somewhere in E. Sussex, we hear pottery treated and heated, for example RHYMING
Stupid middle-distance race perhaps around stream truncated IMBECILE
Three successive characters painting house STUART
Venerable soothsayer not right with first couple of statements AUGUST
Very big okra presented with another starter JUMBO
Vet cut around site covering vein? EXAMINE
What's possibly added to washing is frequently kept in reserve, after a spin SOFTENER
Wordsworth's shivering started intermittently during wander ATREMBLE