The Telegraph - Cryptic - May 18 2017

Clues Answers
Beginning to perform in broadcast encore REPLAY
Boozer in a hole, drunk before work ALEHOUSE
Bordeaux can't lose at rugby, eliminating Toulouse initially CLARET
Call sweetheart after rift, upset PAGE
Catwalk streak interrupted by posh northern women RUNWAY
Close second cheated, reportedly STRICT
Conduct dire matins when drunk ADMINISTER
Dishes out some appetiser vessels SERVES
Excitedly greet men coming out EMERGENT
Feeling excited? That is not heartless SENTIENT
Following hostilities, blusters for sanctions WARRANTS
Jail, or bird, ends with isolation ahead INTERN
Marseille, perhaps too French in retrospect PORT
Most sage in Kew is established WISEST
Clues Answers
Nice touch of Gold Label isn't half cut ORNAMENT
Old French artist practically flipped AGED
Passionate artist's over depression ARDENT
Pay off a humble abode BUNGALOW
Plant taken by taste, oddly, for fly TSETSE
Rogue Hollywood guy is relentless IMPLACABLE
Soprano is cold-blooded for the audience CALLAS
Spy person taking on M's successor BOND
Taught again to accept school's head being aloof RESTRAINED
Three quarters welcoming united nation SWEDEN
Train routes are endlessly reorganised EUROSTAR
Turning against one, getting wind up ANTAGONISE
Ushering English Queen into do STEERING
Voyage on board takes off STRIPS