Universal - May 17 2017

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Clues Answers
"Long ___, in a galaxy far ..." AGO
"Safe" part of a bank VAULT
1990-91 battle GULFWAR
Alternative to letter writing EMAIL
Anatomical trunk TORSO
Anonymous John or Jane DOE
Author Chomsky NOAM
Be a cynic SCOFF
Belts go through them LOOPS
Bert Bobbsey's sister NAN
Bookmarked things SITES
Certain Balkan SERB
Clamor DIN
Clever and untrustworthy SLY
Commercials ADS
Connection for some big wheels? AXLE
Consultant's core? ULT
Crown molding installer's tool MITERBOXSAW
Dieter's unit CALORIE
Doesn't succeed FAILS
Emerald center? ERA
Enroll as a student MATRICULATE
Exciting NBA two-pointer DUNK
Far from well ILL
Fertility lab needs OVA
Four Seasons worker MAID
Ginger ____ (cookie type) SNAP
Going down hard at a comedy club DYING
Harleys and others MOTORCYCLES
Home made of snow blocks IGLOO
Identical SAME
Key material? IVORY
Lincoln Center productions OPERAS
Logging channel FLUME
Main dishes, often MEATS
Makes a mistake ERRS
Marine predator ORCA
Mature male red deer HART
McLain or Doherty DENNY
Clues Answers
Metal eyelet GROMMET
Minor jobs TASKS
Morse of code fame SAMUEL
Natural finish? ELL
Navigational aid MAP
Not as many FEWER
Not close to being hungry WELLFED
Paid athlete PRO
Pale purple LILAC
Permanent place? SALON
Pig's home STY
Puts forth effort TRIES
Race along the highway SPEED
Reason for overtime TIE
Result of blunt force? TRAUMA
Scarecrow stuffing STRAW
Sharpened HONED
Snuggles NESTLES
Some investment vehicles MUTUALFUNDS
St. Louis landmark ARCH
States of drunkenness STUPORS
Suffix with "slow" or "fast" EST
Supermarket vehicle CART
Suspect's need ALIBI
Three Stooges blows SLAPS
Tidal retreat EBB
Tinker with text EMEND
To whom a guy makes many comments HIMSELF
Uses crayons COLORS
Very heavy rain TORRENT
Vigor go-with VIM
Warsaw locale (abbr.) POL
Wedge stuck under a wheel SPRAG
West Point newcomer PLEBE
What to do before you reap SOW
Word in several commandments NOT
Worthless nonsense TRIPE
You-here link ARE
___ and fauna FLORA