The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,809 - May 10 2017

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Clues Answers
Back talk to decline? Not for this person! GASBAG
Charge for lock-up? CUSTODY
Due money covering very extended time -- one's subdued? OVERAWED
Evasion of responsibility in policeman on patrol? COPOUT
Familiar feeling of the French crossing East Asian island mostly DEJAVU
Figure that's greasy in heavy slow-moving vehicle CRAWLER
Foreign love of old group infused by energy, Queen? EXTERIOR
Global news about pound followed by line on yen WORLDLY
Hardened with hurt lacking justice initially INURED
Hears what's before do in European city TRIESTE
Month over in end after capsizing sea vessel LIFEBOAT
National hero once old scorn's regularly dismissed NELSON
One in government rewriting trite manifestos MINISTEROFSTATE
Pride, say, in dressing SIN
Clues Answers
Refrain from revealing how telephone receptionist could annoy one? WITHHOLD
Relax and allow country almost liberal resort (3,2,3,4,3) LETITALLHANGOUT
Shady place with criminal recklessly determined HELLBENT
Shot in court near leading figure influencing lawmakers LOBBYIST
Spike Milligan's principal friend in image supp left out IMPALE
Spin doctor's work is admitted in definite shock SURPRISE
Spread publicity for melody AIR
Standard celebrities turning out in apt dress STARSANDSTRIPES
Stick with Olympic maestro that's spoken in this place COHERE
Tearful confession by a Republican, sign of pressure ISOBAR
Thinker to excite a university holding first of seminars ROUSSEAU
Very altruistic novelist facing endless crisis in representation SELFSACRIFICING
What one might do in Alps in brisk itinerary SKI
Wise figure depressed, first to last OWL