The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,807 - May 5 2017

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Clues Answers
25 in copper trade CUTOUT
After drink, retweet hollow warning ALERT
As Israelite king, given toy gun ASSAULTRIFLE
Bats chase the big cats CHEETAHS
Book charity appears after footnote PSALMS
Break down following trouble FAIL
Chat for one minute? SMALLTALK
Crack troops in out-of-this-world gear EQUIPMENT
Disable one Italian female, room vacated UNARM
Dump empty little hamper SHACKLE
Entering stage is hapless female entertainer GEISHA
Go through pure satisfaction REQUITAL
I add rock TOTTER
It may get you through a divorce PERSEVERANCE
Knowing about Kindle -- a bit SLIGHTLY
Clues Answers
Missile found on huge Greek island SAMOS
Money's left in jar CLASH
No longer the one going EXIT
Performer -- he's very good opening function THESPIAN
Phase out struggling pub TAPHOUSE
Preacher uses charm to block one leaving GOSPELLER
Pull, as mum does? CHARISMA
Records attempt to produce work of art TAPESTRY
Row about one flash American car LIMOUSINE
Set off and see firm STEELY
Skunk or European lynx? POLECAT
Sort of face right, old chap ROMAN
Stick man STAFF
Tin work wanted by unknown tester CANOPY
Willing ... to have the last word? AMENABLE