Universal - May 4 2017

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Clues Answers
"Cola" lead-in COCA
"King" of snakes COBRA
"Rooms" in my mansion for heat, sleep and education BOILERBEDSCHOOL
"So long" relative ADIOS
"The magic word" for a kid PLEASE
252-gallon wine holders TUNS
A thousand million years EON
Atomic no. 16 SULFUR
Audibly or vocally ALOUD
Audio complement VIDEO
Back of a boat STERN
Be a beat cop PATROL
Be incorrect ERR
Between warm and cold COOL
Boat in "Jaws" ORCA
Bone near the elbow ULNA
Bound maps ATLAS
Boundaries ENDS
Carvey of "Wayne's World" DANA
Caterer's coffee server URN
City land map PLAT
Common cosmetics ingredient ALOE
Cowboy's roper LASSO
Crazy people, south of the border LOCOS
Cream color ECRU
Dodge, as one's duty SHIRK
Feminine pronoun SHE
Flower part PETAL
Function USE
Garden dirt SOIL
Grand ___ (words on some wine bottles) CRU
Greek letter or tiny quantity IOTA
Gulf War missile SCUD
Having left already GONE
Hence THUS
High school track shape OVAL
In a severely waterless way ARIDLY
Industry talk ARGOT
It warms the pheasant in my mansion OVEN
Clues Answers
It's Olympic-sized at my mansion POOL
It's the furthest thing from hardship EASE
Ivan the Terrible and Peter the Great TSARS
Land mass with the most masses? ASIA
Land measure on my mansion grounds ACRE
Liveliness, zip or pep ENERGY
Made angry IRKED
Mansion "rooms" for showering, plotting, pingpong and basking LOCKERWARRECSUN
Mansion "rooms" for sipping, freshening up and feasting TEAPOWDERDINING
Measure that is 1/4 of 62-Across ROOD
Misery resulting from affliction WOE
More fraught with danger DIRER
My mansion shelves are fully stocked so that I never .. RUNLOW
Narrow mountain ridge ARETE
Occasional high roller in a casino DIE
Once around the sun for us YEAR
One standing before a judge, sometimes SUER
Partner in war ALLY
Places of experimentation LABS
Poetic tribute ODE
Prefix with "natal" NEO
Relating to 6-Down OPHIDIAN
Ring-tailed critter similar to a raccoon COATI
Rogue CAD
Schussed, e.g SKIED
Scottish lake LOCH
Shares in, as a meal PARTAKES
Silk measurement DENIER
Sing-song syllables TRALA
Starter for "improvement" or "employed" SELF
Suffix for the best EST
The latest to hit store shelves NEWEST
The type of jet in my mansion's hangar LEAR
This Christian's clothing is in my mansion's closets DIOR
Various colors TONES
Venture a thought OPINE
Visible air VAPOR
___-Lorraine of France ALSACE