- May 4 2017

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Clues Answers
''American Gothic'' implement PITCHFORK
''As __ saying . . .'' IWAS
''I wish!'' IFONLY
''Star Trek'' role MCCOY
''Walk the Line'' Oscar winner WITHERSPOON
22 Down character BETH
A long time YEARS
Aim to discover SEEK
Air Force Academy student CADET
At least once EVER
Auto brand NAMEPLATE
Badger NAG
Bag-checking agcy TSA
Banish EXPEL
Boasts HAS
Bond film antagonist KGBSPY
Bravado GUTS
Brightness measure LUMEN
Briskly APACE
By __ (alone) ITSELF
Carpet feature NAP
Childish comeback ARESO
Comparison stat RATIO
Cranky CROSS
Crater Lake loc ORE
Creditor's takeback REPO
Dashboard abbr MPH
François' farewell ADIEU
Friend of Emerson ALCOTT
Furniture movers VANS
Garlicky sauce AIOLI
Gaucho's gadget BOLA
Go gaga (over) DROOL
Hit like a hen PECK
Hoodie cousin PARKA
Horse-show gear LASSO
Itemization limiter ETAL
Kazakhstan's locale ASIA
Kick back CHILL
Clues Answers
Kick back REST
Lhasa __ APSO
Loose robe CAFTAN
Movie ticket category ADULT
Nonliteral phrase IDIOM
Northwest Territories capital YELLOWKNIFE
Not bright DIM
Notice SPOT
Olive center PIT
One-pot meal STEW
Opposite of ''ashore'' SEAWARDS
Organizer of Opens USGA
Pallid ASHEN
Pâté de foie __ GRAS
Person from Perth AUSSIE
Pickling candidate OKRA
Place for a coin SLOT
Poky, for short SLO
Racetrack bet EXACTA
Reality TV judge DioGuardi KARA
Reheats quickly ZAPS
Ruin, as fun SPOIL
Salon sweepings HAIR
Scientific study OLOGY
Sharp turn ZAG
Shoe spec EEE
Shoot the breeze YAK
Showy scarf BOA
Sinatra's hometown HOBOKEN
South Pacific nation SAMOA
Spring singer ROBIN
Sushi selection TUNAROLL
Talk-radio format CALLIN
Tempe Pac-12 team ASU
Tree surgeon procedure GRAFT
Unsavory SEAMY
Wells race of the future ELOI
Window framework SASH
Wooden rod DOWEL