Irish Times (Crosaire) - May 2 2017

Clues Answers
Beasty type of new drama is not up to par - nothing is? ARMADILLO
British politicians following 27 across giving people the fright of their lives GHOSTSTORIES
Cancel review by court on the money EXACT
Crowd offering college place in Dublin CRUSH
Dogs journalist with bad luck CURSED
Great - throws a party with a number of different spirits GHOSTS
Grounded, in a manner of speaking, describing The Underground EARTHY
Hard pressed perhaps to run off on holiday PRINTOUT
Have another look at most of the actual engineering found in two ships REASSESS
Historical site in Cork travelling towards Ring on foot from somewhere in Tipperary? ROCKOFCASHEL
How is Martin not involved in the Good Samaritans or very nearly? ASGOODAS
Ignores a rogue group ORGANISE
In passing, this is always a grave business DEATH
Is this where you'd expect to find slaves to shopping tied up? INCHAINS
Clues Answers
Key institute switches address near Ring that's very high up for the players ALTISSIMO
Kidnap boss from the stationery office INKPAD
Leave port for a Rising with an assumed name ALIAS
Little thanks for big number in a new setting, for starters, from South Pacific TAHITIANS
Make enquiries about the deep reading at church RESEARCH
Make rice dish and keep it in the freezer ICEMAKER
Motorway near bridge over community pond starting off in a very short period of time MICROSECONDS
Older sort of address in Madrid protecting Third Reich SENIOR
One of the fly-by-nights perhaps featured in 18 across COUNTDRACULA
One of those increasingly loud types gets credit for making scene at party? CRESCENDO
Peter Cook stuffs a parrot REPEAT
Similar to one of those in 27 across from The Bar SPIRIT
Spike welcomes a number of honours from university for the musicians PIANISTS
The House framework for ex-trainers providing intelligence work overseas FASCIA