The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,803 - Apr 28 2017

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Clues Answers
After ceremony, I visit university president POMPIDOU
Arid tableland area, endlessly tough, beset by destructive power? KALAHARI
Baby starting to bite maybe cutting second or third tie TETHER
Blissfully serene, cuts back before possible drunken outburst SERAPHIC
Close walking in Barnet lifted mood LOCKSTEP
Con artist periodically offers seeds OATS
Conspire aboard overnight flight, both wanting ends to assign to a new task REDEPLOY
Having lots of space in the ears and water in the eyes? RHEUMY
Holding line is vexation? Not for me ANGLER
Holly and relatives uniting current and classical law ILEX
Hunting unfortunately involves attempt to kill GUNFOR
If old lady's about, burn a light meal CREAMTEA
Iowa is in charge of the next generation FILIAL
Labour in the main may be accompanied by such rough-housing? SHANTY
Loving men and women attempt to examine intolerance BIGOTRY
Moon almost crashed into planet with malignant effect VENOMOUS
Clues Answers
Ne'er-do-well's lucky to return, leaving every other pair where Jacobites were crushed CULLODEN
Oberon's commanded fairy queen to gather PUCKER
One never flowers right in wet ground FERN
Playing harp, vocalise melodic accentuation Phrasing
Postponed after losing heart earlier ONCE
Purplish colour keeps greying at the edges, over small container EGGCUP
Scope to commit matricide DOMAIN
Second prime minister, not the last, to leave an alliance SECEDE
Sneak son away from today's poetic twilight THIEVE
Sombre dresser has trouble turning in massive Philistine GOLIATH
Spike in measure of frequency's inverted peak ZENITH
Tangled on vines, I imagine ENVISION
Tip-off involves separate parts of old intrigue COLLUDE
Torah outwardly breaks covenant with unknown mortal DEATHLY
Upsetting old partner, I nurture one obsession IDEEFIXE
Vigorous habitual response after what's carried by 11 cycles ATHLETIC