New York Times - Oct 12 2008

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Clues Answers
'American Pie' songwriter MCLEAN
'How can ___?' ILOSE
'I'm not quite done yet' ONEMORE
'Impossible' response to the question 'Are you sleeping?' IAM
'Original or crispy' offerer KFC
'So be it' AMEN
'The Virginian' author Wister OWEN
13-time Gold Glove-winning shortstop OZZIESMITH
1970s-'80s supermodel TIEGS
4 x 4, briefly UTE
A little extra burnishing, maybe, in brief TLC
Agent with many girls BOND
Archaic Irish script OGHAM
Banker's worry PANIC
Be in a cast ACT
Biography of Odin, e.g.? SHAGGYGODSTORY
Bone: Prefix OSTEO
Bones that support tibiae TALI
Bring (in) abundantly RAKE
Butt CIG
California city where A & W root beer was born LODI
Celebration time, for short BDAY
Ceylon's capital? SOFTC
Chamber work NONET
Chicago journalist Mike ROYKO
Circular gasket ORING
City NW of Minneapolis MAPLEGROVE
College cohorts ROOMIES
Conductor ___-Pekka Salonen ESA
Cover in a layer CARPET
Date not marked on a calendar? TRYST
Decide to take part OPTIN
Deep-six SCRAP
Deserve special perks, say RATE
Disturbance STIR
Drop leaf support GATELEG
E.R. part: Abbr. EMER
Embarrassing outbreak SCENE
Étagère with a single tiny shelf? ONETHINGSTAND
Eva's half sister? ZSA
Even things ATONE
Explodes POPS
Family dinner RIBROAST
Family head CAPO
Fancy footwear SPATS
Fictional clue sniffer ASTA
Fingered IDED
French pronoun TOI
Frequent drivers GOLFERS
Georges who wrote 'Life: A User's Manual' PEREC
German beef? ACH
Grade elevator PLUS
Grp. that includes Canada and Colombia OAS
Grp. with a co-pay HMO
Hanger? NOOSE
Hardest to get RAREST
Hardly laid-back TYPEA
Hardware fastener TNUT
High ball LOB
Hip-hop's ___ Kim LIL
How beatniks raise kids? INCOOLPARENTIS
In order (to) SOAS
Infatuates BESOTS
Inundate DROWN
It may be stroked EGO
It's taken by some coll. seniors LSAT
Ivory or Coast BARSOAP
Jacks, e.g. GAME
Kenyan grazer ELAND
Clues Answers
Last Supper question ISITI
Latin lambs AGNI
Learned WISE
Lepidopterous movie monster MOTHRA
Less dense SPARSER
Like cacti SPINY
Low-budget films about hearty European meals? DUTCHSTEWINDIES
Ltr. holders ENVS
Make more tempting, as a deal SWEETEN
Marching smartly INSTEP
Missouri feeder OSAGE
Moves quietly GLIDES
Mrs. Gorbachev RAISA
Mythical enchantress MEDEA
Narrow inlet RIA
Nigerian-born singer with five Top 40 hits SADE
Noted war photo site, briefly IWO
Numbers, at times DENTISTS
Object of a mil. search AWOL
Old TV's '___ Three Lives' ILED
Once around ORBIT
One to one, e.g. TIE
Organ repair sites, briefly ORS
Oven emanation AROMA
Page with views OPED
Picard's counselor on 'Star Trek: T.N.G.' TROI
Pinza of 'South Pacific' EZIO
Place to find a long-term companion, maybe PETSTORE
Place to go for kitchenware? GENERALPOTSOFFICE
Precept TENET
Protester ANTI
Queue before Q NOP
Rapper with a professional title DRDRE
Raptor's roost AERIE
Rashad of football AHMAD
Ready to run later ONTAPE
Reagan adviser Nofziger LYN
Recital list PIECES
Richards : Moore :: Grant : ___ ASNER
Say A is not A, say LIE
Say without saying? IMPLY
Semi-attached compartment? CAB
Sharp scolding EARFUL
Skater Brian ORSER
Skull and Bones meeting attendee ELI
Slate, for one EMAG
Some crew members OARSMEN
Something very tough ABEAR
Soothe, in a way, as a burn BLOWON
Staggered AWED
Straight: Prefix RECTI
Study of natural animal behavior patterns ETHOLOGY
Subject of a 2004 F.D.A. dietary supplement ban EPHEDRA
Sudden increase SPIKE
Supermarket section DAIRY
Take some off the top? MOW
Traffic directors ARROWS
Up in the air ALOFT
Wallop DRUB
Wee bit IOTA
When repeated, 'Out of the way!' BEEP
Where citrus trees grow in small groups? THREELIMEISLAND
Where hermit painters retire? LONEARTSSTATE
White and wet SNOWY
With no adverse consequences SCOTFREE
Worked (up) HET
Zinger BARB