The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 26704 - April 20, 2017

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Clues Answers
Act as judge, though initially deprived? BEREFT
American bird's bloomin' awful score at cricket! RUDDYDUCK
Area of an enclosure accommodating 25% of reindeer ACREAGE
Article by the writer's not so lacking in purpose AIMLESS
Cosmetic applier daughter used in government advert POWDERPUFF
Creepy-crawly making staff recoil? DOR
Demon driver with message about opening of lorry plant TOADFLAX
Discombobulate a weaver — the very lowest ROCKBOTTOM
Eastern divine introducing a collection of old Norse poems EDDA
Exercising caution, start to plan simple Latin translation PRUDENTIAL
Finance manager's throaty sound holding a certain appeal BURSAR
Gardener English king provided with house HOER
Garment once sported in Sutton, not Luton? DOUBLET
Long to be presented in court — the prestige! CACHET
Magistrate with right to impound European vessel BEAKER
Clues Answers
Manifold — and oddly problematic at first to clue! OCTUPLE
Parched conditions I found in road between peak and cape TORRIDNESS
Politician declares crew to be assembled STATESMAN
Position of trainee employed at last in crude pastiche CADETSHIP
Raise a band, being in very high spirits COCKAHOOP
Ready recovery nipper bet on? CLAWBACK
Remained sober when speaking STAYED
Reserve of diamonds kept in bustling centre RETICENCE
Revamp, touching coat by mistake REFURBISH
Rotating coil from a primarily reforming age ARMATURE
Scottish smoker left university and married LUM
Shock about priest upset prison officer JAILER
Sort of furniture the woman used as chair outside SHERATON
Tubes of man visiting surgeon on island BRONCHI
Wild creature army corps medic observed crossing river REDDEER