New York Times - Apr 20 2017

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Clues Answers
'And thereby hangs ___': 'As You Like It' ATALE
'I didn't know you disliked shiny fabrics!,' e.g.? LAMEEXCUSE
'Travel is ___ to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness': Twain FATAL
'___ longa, vita brevis' ARS
1952 Bernard Malamud novel made into a hit 1984 movie THENATURAL
Active volcano feature PLUME
Alone SOLO
Antihero of 'A Clockwork Orange' ALEX
Back talk LIP
Beauty in 'Beauty and the Beast' BELLE
Blue note? SEXT
Brooch PIN
Certain trank LUDE
Chew toy alternative BONE
Columbia, e.g IVY
Compare, in a way RATE
Corvette feature TTOP
Courtly term of address SIRE
Departed AWAY
Designation for U.K. vessels HMS
Economy, for one SIZE
Emergency procedure, briefly EVAC
Emulate a 2-Down TOPE
Eric's seafaring son LEIF
Excepting SAVE
Feuding ATIT
France's Côte d'___ AZUR
Function for a buffalo hide TEPEE
Go here and there ROVE
Halfway through a stage routine MIDACT
Influence for Enya, historically CELT
It's a drag TOKE
It's often rigged SPAR
Lacking a purpose in life LOST
Law of ancient times LEX
Clues Answers
Libertines ROUES
Many an insect repellent SPRAY
Name of five Norwegian kings OLAV
Not forget RETAIN
One of a group of 18 TEE
One side of China? WHITERICE
Organic jewelry material AMBER
Overindulging sort WINO
Page 1, 3 or 5, usually RECTO
Pie chart features RADII
Places to study the Talmud YESHIVAS
Poker declaration IMIN
Pound on some Mexican food? WHACKAMOLE
Power and economic development corp. started in 1933 TVA
Property of skim milk NOFAT
Quick trip to pick up white zinfandel and blush? RUNFORTHEROSES
Reach by air LANDAT
Responsibility ONUS
Scratch MAR
Sight in Micronesia ATOLL
Something many Founding Fathers believed in DEISM
Soul maker KIA
Sports org. headquartered in Indianapolis NCAA
Start of many an Italian pizzeria name MAMMA
Starting ASOF
Strengthen GIRD
Stretches (out) EKES
Suffuse IMBUE
The Goddess of Pop CHER
The Rolling Stones' '___ a Rainbow' SHES
Track transaction BET
Unwavering SOLID
Vitamin and supplement retailer GNC
Wear down ABRADE
Went to night school, maybe TOOKACLASS
Why Japanese tipplers anticipate the afterlife? FORHEAVENSSAKE
Words meant to hurt INVECTIVE