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Clues Answers
'-- dog's life' ITSA
'-- yellow ribbon ...' TIEA
'48 electee HST
'Behold!,' in Latin ECCE
'Dash it all!' DRAT
'E.T.' boy ELLIOTT
'I've -- it!' HAD
'No kiddin'!' GEE
'Not impressed' MEH
'Phooey!' OHDARN
'Pieces of Me' singer Simpson ASHLEE
'Shy' singer DiFranco ANI
'The Thin Man' dog ASTA
-- ed (gym) PHYS
151, to Nero CLI
2004-15 sarcastic recap series on E! THESOUP
Actor Malcolm- -- Warner JAMAL
Actor Sparks HAL
Adorning tawdrily, with 'up' TARTING
Afore ERE
Allotment SHARE
Any of 13 Catholic leaders POPELEO
B-board runners SYSOPS
Be sporadic COMEANDGO
Beat back RESIST
Bleated BAAED
Bouquet-bringing co FTD
Bump -- log ONA
Bus schedule abbr ARR
Bygone autocrat TSAR
Capital of Albania TIRANA
Car of the early 1900s REO
City ENE of 22-Down PARMA
Co. shuffling REORG
Cook with Apple TIM
Cpl. or sgt NCO
Curb locales STREETS
Dear old dad PAPA
Declaration while pointing THEREITIS
Desert rodent SANDRAT
Diamond events BASEBALLGAMES
Dirt-dishing Barrett RONA
Drive, in golf TEEOFF
Ecol., e.g SCI
Election day, often: Abbr TUE
Elfish one SPRITE
Experts at CPR EMTS
Explore a reef, maybe SCUBADIVE
Extreme eccentricity LUNACY
Gets, as profits REAPS
Grimm bully OGRE
Half of sei TRE
Half-asleep DROWSY
Half-witted STUPID
High RRs ELS
Hip-hop performer RAPARTIST
Hold fast (to) ADHERE
Ill-tempered SURLY
Is a little too fond DOTES
Ivy -- (Yalie, e.g.) LEAGUER
Jack of old Westerns ELAM
K-O middle LMN
Kosovo native SERB
Lake -- (Mississippi River source) ITASCA
Lakota's language family SIOUAN
Largest port in Italy GENOA
Lauder of perfume ESTEE
Lilting syllable TRA
Love, to Luc AMOUR
Clues Answers
Luanda's country ANGOLA
Luau cocktail MAITAI
LuPone who played Evita PATTI
Make invalid ANNUL
Mauna -- LOA
Memory trace ENGRAM
Mongolians, e.g ASIANS
More chancy DICIER
Movie critic Richard ROEPER
Mr. Kotter GABE
Mu -- beef SHU
New attempt REDO
Niger-to-Zambia dir SSE
Norse god of battle TYR
Not rough GENTLE
Oahu greetings ALOHAS
Old rival of Pan Am TWA
On -- streak (winning big) AHOT
Onion part LAYER
Palmtop device, for short PDA
Parris Island mil. branch USMC
PC-sent holiday greetings ECARDS
People in concealment HIDERS
Places to store frozen blocks ICEHOUSES
Poet Federico García -- LORCA
Prefix with angle or fold TRI
Prefix with gauge MIS
R&D room LAB
Reply to 'Am so!' ARENOT
Require a 110-Across, maybe ERR
Rife with FULLOF
Rustic mail abbr RFD
Salon colorant HAIRDYE
Sam- -- IAM
Sash for Cio-Cio-San OBI
See 71-Across NOSED
She cackles HEN
Shelters for backpackers CAMPINGTENTS
Sign into law ENACT
Singer Johnny MATHIS
Skiing peak ALP
Small digital images expressing ideas EMOJIS
Sofía's 'that' ESA
Some NFL linemen TES
Some paved arteries ASPHALTROADS
Spaceship in 'Alien' NOSTROMO
Steins, e.g MUGS
Sticky, chewy candy TAFFY
Strong Italian cheese ROMANO
Sudden rush SPATE
Super-angry IRATE
Tackled energetically WENTAT
Tending to wear down ERODENT
Texter's 'As I see it ...' IMO
The 'A' of ACLU: Abbr AMER
The same, in France EGAL
Theme of this puzzle PITCHEDTHINGS
They often include spiels SALESPRESENTATIONS
They're over gables SLOPINGROOFS
Thrown-away items USELESSSTUFF
Tram rock ORE
Tricky pool shot MASSE
Virus variety STRAIN
Was in need of restocking RANLOW
What- -- (conjectures) IFS
Whole number, e.g INTEGER
With 83-Down, like Rudolph RED
Writer Waugh EVELYN
Wrought up TENSE