Irish Times (Simplex) - Apr 11 2017

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Clues Answers
A blue-green pigment VIRIDIAN
A liqueur flavoured with anise PERNOD
A single time ONCE
Arranged into groups SORTED
Avoiding the issue, or trying to SKIRTING
Bully, intimidate HECTOR
Cared for, looked after TENDED
Cause to become widely known CIRCULATE
Cell that carries an alteration of a gene MUTANT
Dairy product CHEESE
Demands firmly INSISTS
Earlier or in front BEFORE
Exercising power or authority RULING
Greatly surprised AMAZED
Hoofed animal DEER
Implement for practical use UTENSIL
Involuntarily expelling air from the nose SNEEZING
Large unit of old Roman army LEGION
Clues Answers
Leather strip of a whip THONG
Make shorter, a book say ABRIDGE
Marine mollusc that damages ships TEREDO
No longer in force, inactive DEFUNCT
Not malignant BENIGN
Notable achievement FEAT
Political system of government by a few people OLIGARCHY
Put out fire or slake a thirst QUENCH
Reach down and search DELVE
Reptile with legs LIZARD
Small block with 0 to 6 dots DOMINO
Style, vogue TREND
The body of Jewish sacred writings and tradition TORAH
Trader who exchanges goods, not money BARTERER
Units of electrical resistance OHMS
White-coated large dog with spots DALMATIAN
Without revealing one's identity INCOGNITO