Universal - Apr 10 2017

Clues Answers
"48 ___" (Murphy film) HRS
"Active" start HYPER
"Just the ___ thought of you" VERY
"Pitiful me" ALAS
"Well, well, well!" OHO
"___ unto Caesar ..." RENDER
Airs, as personal information BARES
Alcohol variety ETHYL
American Hawkeye IOWAN
Approves, in a way ENACTS
As one group ENMASSE
Assistant HELPER
Baby's affliction, sometimes COLIC
Car stat MPH
Chinchilla covering FUR
Cloud's domain SKY
Commissions generators SALES
Cut deeply, as prices SLASH
Darken all lighting DIMOUT
David ___ Roth of rock LEE
Discharge perspiration, e.g EGEST
Does a farming chore PLOWS
Drum kit part SNARE
Easy job BREEZE
Easy score, in basketball LAYUP
Eliminate from a chalkboard ERASE
Fans' cooperative display WAVE
Feature of this crossword, if you're good SOLVABILITY
Fighter pilot's mission SORTIE
Floral necklace LEI
Flower organ PISTIL
Former Toyota model SUPRA
Grad student's exam type ORAL
Graph paper features LINES
Groundbreaking? SEISMIC
Guarantee ENSURE
Horned beast, briefly RHINO
Clues Answers
Ill-gotten gains BOOTY
Indigent NEEDY
Inflict WREAK
It doesn't take much on a card table TREY
It's trapped in the laundry LINT
Jam or lock up SEIZE
Latin eggs OVA
Like some raids in the dark PREDAWN
Makes noncashable VOIDS
Masked thief BANDIT
More apologetic SORRIER
Mortar and ___ PESTLE
Muddy farm home STY
Nocturnal bird OWL
One state's welcome ALOHA
Overbearing arrogance HUBRIS
Page opposite verso RECTO
Pie part CRUST
Pinch hitter, e.g SUB
Radiant, in old poetry AGLEAM
Rooftop energy producers SOLARPANELS
Sets free from a leash LOOSES
Sharpens, as skills HONES
Small number ONE
Some gymnastic feats SOMERSAULTS
Starter for "sayer" SOOTH
States strongly ASSERTS
Suffix meaning "none greater" EST
Sympathetic and then some SOFTHEARTED
Tonsils neighbor UVULA
Waiter's reward TIP
Weasel relative STOAT
Wide, lacy collars BERTHAS
Wilt Chamberlain's nickname STILT
Young boy TAD
Zilch NIL