New York Times - Apr 10 2017

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Clues Answers
'Humble' living quarters ABODE
'What was ___ think?' ITO
'What's gotten ___ you?' INTO
*1962-67, 1971 SEANCONNERY
Actress Ryan of 'Sleepless in Seattle' MEG
Airport screening grp TSA
Alliance that keeps a wary eye on Russia NATO
Big name in ice cream EDY
British rule in colonial India RAJ
Carry with effort LUG
Cavity filler's deg DDS
Clearasil target ACNE
Command before giving a dog a bone SIT
Commercial prefix with postale AERO
Designer letters on a handbag YSL
Dosage amts CCS
Finish in the top three, in the Olympics MEDAL
Format of some talk radio shows CALLIN
Frozen potato brand OREIDA
German 'one' EIN
Gossiping DISHING
Had breakfast or lunch ATE
Have the title to OWN
Hawaiian neckwear LEI
Henry L. ___, secretary of war during W.W. II STIMSON
Human ___ BEING
Ill-bred fellows CADS
Inner part of an ear of corn COB
Instagram upload PHOTO
Iroquoians of New York ERIES
It's kept in a pen INK
Jesus' language ARAMAIC
Joe ___ (ordinary sort) SCHMO
Jumps the track DERAILS
Keyboard key ESC
Killer whales ORCAS
Clues Answers
King topper ACE
Kitchen cutting tool DICER
La Brea goo TAR
Largest city in Nebraska OMAHA
Leaning left LIBERAL
Less forgiving STERNER
Let (up) EASE
Like some processed apples CORED
Likelier to win a baby contest CUTER
Long-term inmate LIFER
Most of our planet's surface OCEAN
One of Chekhov's 'Three Sisters' IRINA
Pay hike RAISE
Per ___ (daily) DIEM
PlayStation competitor WII
Popular sandwich, informally PBANDJ
Prominent shark feature FIN
Put up, as a picture HANG
River inlet RIA
Roughly 3.8 million square miles, for the United States AREA
S.&L. offerings IRAS
Saw logs SNORE
See 35-Across MOORE
Serenaded SANGTO
Shrek, for one OGRE
Single-stranded molecule RNA
Talk incessantly GAB
The Washington Post, CNN, etc MEDIA
Think ahead PLAN
Tighten, as a fist CLENCH
Tool for a carpenter or dentist DRILL
Two, in cards DEUCE
Vail trail SKIRUN
Wedding cake layer TIER
What the answers to the starred clues share, in two ways BOND
With 39-Across, *1973-85 ROGER
Words of self-empowerment ICAN
___ Hashana (Jewish holy day) ROSH
___ of the line END