Irish Times (Simplex) - Apr 6 2017

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Clues Answers
Acquire by effort EARN
Apostles, jury and months TWELVE
Aromas, scents SMELLS
Citation of another's words QUOTATION
Closed with hinged covers SHUTTERED
Contagious disease with a high death rate PLAGUE
Damages beyond repair RUINS
Declamatory, ostentatiously lofty BOMBASTIC
Deliver a blow STRIKE
Devices to check if surfaces are flat LEVELS
Excursions, jaunts OUTINGS
Extent from side to side BREADTH
Felines of the forest TIGERS
Goods carried by a large vehicle LOAD
Hypotheses THEORIES
It lives in a lodge BEAVER
Long for the tree? PINE
Clues Answers
Make up your mind DECIDE
Moveable barriers GATES
Not in accordance with fact FALSE
Number of related things coming one after another SERIES
Physical or mental capacity STRENGTH
Set down in permanent form RECORD
Shakespeare's Moor OTHELLO
Silver and aluminium, say METALS
Simply, nothing more than MERE
Sketches or draughts DRAWINGS
Standards to be aimed at IDEALS
State of misfortune or affliction ADVERSITY
Sum of money paid into a bank account DEPOSIT
Support for the artist EASEL
The force of one body against another IMPACT
Trips, expeditions JOURNEYS
Unfastened, lace say UNTIED
Violent, aggressive FIERCE