The Washington Post - Apr 6 2017

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Clues Answers
'Cool!' NEATO
'Encore!' MORE
'We Got the Beat' band GOGOS
'__ From the Bridge': Miller AVIEW
'__ Mio' OSOLE
*Got from the cloud? DOWNLOADED
*Judy Blume genre KIDDIELIT
*Like much Chinese cooking STIRFRIED
*Three-year school, commonly JUNIORHIGH
1999-2004 Olds ALERO
Act grandmotherly toward DOTEON
Bags with handles TOTES
Berlin boulevard STRASSE
Bite symptom ITCH
Botanist Gray ASA
Cal. pages MOS
Calendario start ENERO
Can't take HATES
Casino fixtures ATMS
Charlemagne's domain: Abbr HRE
Coastal eagle ERN
Compose, in a way PEN
Concert venue ARENA
Dapper NATTY
Elvis played one in 'Blue Hawaii' UKULELE
Former Radiohead label EMI
Freelancer's supply: Abbr SASES
Fused ONE
Gold or silver ELEMENT
Got on in years AGED
Highlands hat TAM
How-__: do-it-yourselfers' buys TOS
Julie's 'Doctor Zhivago' co-star OMAR
Just plain silly ASININE
Locomotive, e.g ENGINE
Clues Answers
Long. counterpart LAT
Mello __ YELLO
Metric lead-in ISO
Mob inductee MADEMAN
Museum curator's deg BFA
N.Y. Mets division NLE
Naproxen brand ALEVE
Network logo EYE
Not having the know-how UNABLE
Occupies oneself with, as a hobby TAKESUP
Oils, e.g ART
One working the crowd Mingler
Overnight bag item, maybe PAJAMAS
Part of TNT TRI
Pay dirt ORE
Pearl seeker DIVER
Printing flourish SERIF
Reebok rival PUMA
Scott of 'Arrested Development' BAIO
Serenade, as the moon BAYAT
Sierra __ LEONE
Single-celled creature AMEBA
Sinusitis docs ENTS
Softens MELTS
Some football linemen ... and what the answers to starred clues have? TIGHTENDS
Souvenir MEMENTO
Subj. with unknowns ALG
Tavern favorite ALE
Trifle DRIB
Turner autobiography ITINA
Unite securely CEMENT
Vast, in verse ENORM
With no end in sight ONANDON
Wyoming county TETON
__ Valley: Reagan Library site SIMI
__-Flush: household cleaner SANI
__-glace: rich sauce DEMI