- Apr 2 2017

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Clues Answers
''Good heavens!'' OHNO
''Good one!'' NICE
''On the Road'' narrator SAL
''One more thing . . .'' ALSO
''We hold __ truths . . .'' THESE
86 Across' spouse OHARA
Actress Rene RUSSO
Arctic assistants ELVES
Author Uris LEON
Baum barker TOTO
Be admitted ENTER
Beer's idiomatic partner SKITTLES
Breakfast brews LATTES
Brilliantly colored VIVID
Butler of fiction RHETT
Can't do without NEEDS
Carryalls TOTES
Casino figures ODDS
Caterpillars, e.g LARVAE
Certain Muslim SUNNI
Channel markers BUOYS
Church recess APSE
Classify SORT
Clearance events SALES
Clothing designer COUTURIER
Clumsy person OAF
Color section of an almanac ATLAS
Creative guy IDEAMAN
Defraud SCAM
Delicately balanced sculpture MOBILE
Dramatic stage production OPERA
Drink noisily SLURP
Eagle on a par-three ACE
Earth-raising machines LOADERS
Earthshaking event QUAKE
Elizabethan philosopher/physicist HOOKE
Ending like -ling ETTE
Etching compound ACID
Facts and figures DATA
Feign feelings EMOTE
Female lobster HEN
Fine fabric SATIN
Flower in a lapel BOUTONNIERE
Formally establish ENACT
Fragrant necklace LEI
Frat letter RHO
Freeway interchange CLOVERLEAF
Grate on IRK
Greek resort isle CORFU
Has influence on AFFECTS
Head of a troop group SCOUTMASTER
Heartland of America Park locale OMAHA
Hidden theme of the puzzle OVERANDOUT
How some bonds are bought ATPAR
Important chess pieces QUEENS
Itinerary term VIA
Jazz singer Carmen MCRAE
Jittery TENSE
Kid around JEST
Lab procedure TEST
Landed (on) ALIT
Large quantities PILES
Legendary soccer star PELE
Leisurely SLOW
Less favorable WORSE
Level or bevel TOOL
Life-line reader SEER
Lines on a list ITEMS
Long (for) ACHE
Lose brightness FADE
Mag for entrepreneurs INC
Clues Answers
Market pessimist BEAR
Mellowed, maybe AGED
Miami-__ County DADE
Microsoft mogul GATES
Monopoly avenue ORIENTAL
Most strict STERNEST
Mrs. Shakespeare ANNE
Munched on ATE
Mythical underworld HADES
No later than UNTIL
Nodded off SLEPT
Offer one's thoughts OPINE
Outback bird EMU
Pakistan neighbor IRAN
Part of a process STEP
PD alerts APBS
Permeate FILL
Point toward AIMAT
Post again RESEND
Purified CLEANED
Ramen, essentially NOODLES
Reggae musician, perhaps RASTA
Regional wildlife FAUNA
Resistance measures OHMS
Restless feeling ANGST
Rode waves SURFED
Scientific breakthrough DISCOVERY
Sealy competitor SERTA
Self-esteem EGO
Show disdain for SCORN
Sign of sanctity HALO
Skillets and woks PANS
Sky safety org FAA
Small valley GLEN
Solemn assent AMEN
Some cards with pics IDS
Spackler's target NAILHOLE
Special ability TALENT
Square-mile fraction ACRE
Star-shaped flower ASTER
State of mind MOOD
Strands at a chalet, perhaps ICESIN
Strive VIE
Subordinate to UNDER
Summer hours in Md EDT
Sunbathing border TANLINE
Support timbers STUDS
Supreme ruler SOVEREIGN
Surrounded by AMID
Talks trash to DISSES
Tex-Mex serving SALSA
Tex-Mex serving FAJITA
Thrifty, in brand names ECONO
Time-honored PROVERBIAL
Timeline segment ERA
Togetherness UNITY
Tops of Teslas ROOFS
Trellis climber IVY
Tries for a seat RUNS
Trivial SMALL
Unmitigated SHEER
Use a wok, perhaps SAUTE
Used to have OWNED
Wagner princess ISOLDE
Wants nothing to do with HATES
Wasn't forthright LIED
Western neckwear BOLOS
What 1980's PCs ran on MSDOS
When some take a coffee break ATTEN
__ manner of speaking INA
__ Paulo, Brazil SAO
__ spumante ASTI