USA Today - Apr 1 2017

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Clues Answers
"My Way" lyricist Paul ANKA
"Selma" director DuVernay AVA
"The Plague" city ORAN
Abbr. on a business sign ESTD
An earth tone OCHER
An ore of tin STANNITE
Auction unit LOT
Bacterium in the GI tract ECOLI
Bergen dummy Mortimer SNERD
Bill, the Science Guy NYE
Blues legend Wolf HOWLIN
Brass instrument player HORNIST
Bryant who coached 32-Down BEAR
Bugling beast ELK
Clumsy sort OAF
Coca-Cola's worldwide sales effort, e.g GLOBALMARKETING
Component of brown rice BRAN
Condensed version DIGEST
County center SEAT
Cowardly beast of Oz LION
Deputy ___ (cartoon canine) DAWG
Discharge, as light EMIT
Distribute in shares ALLOT
Drug-induced sleeps, perhaps COMAS
Emotion in much emo music ANGST
Evidence of an injury SCAR
Free-for-___ (melees) ALLS
Gauchos or clam diggers PANTS
Goldman's brokerage partner SACHS
Grannies NANAS
Greet the day ARISE
Henri who painted "The Dance" MATISSE
Hider in a haystack NEEDLE
In the midst of AMONG
Line with a Star of David logo ELAL
Lines equidistant from planets' poles EQUATORS
Make porter, say BREW
Many Eng. degrees BAS
Clues Answers
Mars vehicle ROVER
Model who was married to Bowie IMAN
Munch on chips, say NOSH
Neighbor of Latvia ESTONIA
One of AA's 12 STEP
Out of reach FAR
Patch up MEND
Peron of Argentina EVA
Place for an espresso CAFE
Pull a scam on CON
Reagan's tax policy, to Bush in 1980 VOODOOECONOMICS
Repair, as a lawn RESEED
Right triangle ratio SINE
Rough-___ (lacking refinement) HEWN
Rub the wrong way RILE
Rushed toward RANAT
Saying nothing MUM
Seasoning in stuffing SAGE
Seismograph detection, briefly QUAKE
Siouan speaker OSAGE
Skin care brand OLAY
Sleek, in car lingo AERO
Smart-alecky WISE
Snake's venom deliverer FANG
Stereotypical boxcar rider HOBO
Submits, as a ballot CASTS
T.S. who wrote "The Sacred Wood" ELIOT
The Bard's river AVON
The Crimson Tide, for short BAMA
The O'Hara estate TARA
Thick, creamy soup POTAGE
Tony Soprano's field, ostensibly WASTEMANAGEMENT
Toyota logo shape OVAL
Underwater sandbank SHOAL
Unjust conviction BUMRAP
Vaper's need, informally ECIG
What a blood thinner may prevent CLOT
___ John's (pizza chain) PAPA