- Oct 3 2008

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Clues Answers
''Calm down!'' EASY
''Hairspray'' mom EDNA
''Heidi'' author SPYRI
Amaze AWE
Author Beattie ANN
Authorize ENTITLE
Bard's nightfall EEN
Barrie beast CROC
Bibliography abbr. ETAL
Boxing legend ALI
Bullets, e.g. AMMO
Charged atoms IONS
Charged swimmer EEL
Clued in AWARE
Cockpit datum: Abbr. ALT
Conveyed SENT
Cut and paste EDIT
Doctor's business MEDICALPRACTICE
Early computer UNIVAC
Etcher's need ACID
Fall sign SCORPIO
Fiesta morsel TAPA
Fills with love ENAMORS
Film directed by Beatty REDS
Gone from the table EATEN
Hair partner HIDE
High-class ELITE
High-school class HOMEEC
Hoo-ha ADO
Ides of March words ETTU
Ill-suited INAPT
In fighting trim LEAN
Lasting impression SCAR
Letter before iota THETA
Like some doors AJAR
Madison or Monroe JAMES
Clues Answers
Monk's title FRA
Muscat holder CASK
Nancy Drew byline KEENE
NASA assent AOK
November birthstone TOPAZ
Obsession MANIA
Opposite of ''ja'' NEIN
Overcharge SOAK
Pastoral poems IDYLLS
Pay tribute to HONOR
Perch, for one FISH
Popular hardwood ELM
Prefix for light TWI
Prepare to fly TAXI
Prepared to drive TEED
Prima donna DIVA
Prom-night rental LIMO
Quick pull JERK
Role for Shirley IRMA
Sci-fi characters ETS
Second Amendment grp. NRA
Shiny mineral MICA
Sly one SNEAK
Small wts. OZS
Socialize with SEE
Stunt double, e.g. STANDIN
Sundial numeral III
Sweetie HON
Thick-brick connector ASA
Time for an egg roll EASTER
Van Gogh city ARLES
Watched Junior SAT
Where the blissful walk ONAIR
Withdraw (from) WEAN
Workplace watchdog OSHA
Young-__ UNS
__ Plaines, IL DES
__ tai MAI
__-tiller ROTO