New York Times - Mar 31 2017

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Clues Answers
'Don Juan,' for one EPICPOEM
'Go away!' BUZZOFF
'Presto chango!' ALAKAZAM
'The Flowering Peach' playwright ODETS
1980s big-city mayor EDKOCH
A trivial sum, informally TWOPENCE
Airline V.I.P.: Abbr CAPT
AK-47 alternative UZI
Alphabetically rhyming river name PEEDEE
Baked, in Bologna COTTA
Big name in kitchen utensils OXO
Bit of antics ESCAPADE
Brown Betty, e.g PUDDING
Cleanup crew JANITORS
Common four-year deg BSC
Convertible RAGTOP
Dunderhead SIMP
Ft. Sumter battler REB
Good practice for the show 'It's Academic' QUIZBOWL
Grps. supporting the 30-Across PTAS
Hard stuff to swallow BOOZE
Hayek of 'Grown Ups' SALMA
Hershey bar SKOR
In a sound bite, say QUOTED
Jet stream locale JACUZZI
John of pro wrestling CENA
Lacking focus FUZZY
Leading figure GUIDE
Light of the world SUN
Like biorhythms CYCLIC
Like cream cheese on a bagel SMEARY
Look a little here, look a little there BROWSE
Mammals using echolocation SHREWS
Many of its products have legs IKEA
Media attention COVERAGE
Clues Answers
Modi operandi METHODS
Montreal daily GAZETTE
Moo ___ SHU
N.B.A. Hall-of-Famer Mourning ALONZO
Nancy Sinatra's 'If ___ Love Me' HED
Noah of 'Falling Skies' WYLE
Not near the beginning of WELLINTO
Novelist Jean with the 1966 best seller 'Wide Sargasso Sea' RHYS
Old means of getting discovered DEMOTAPE
One wearing sunglasses, stereotypically SPY
Options in a catalog SIZES
Org. with a campaign called 'Degrees Not Debt' NEA
Oscar-winning role in 'Life Is Beautiful' GUIDO
Pet shop purchases CAGES
Plants of the arum family TAROS
Pop enthusiast? MOM
Probe, to Brits ENQUIRY
Range that's home to Ha Ha Tonka State Park OZARKS
Real pal, for short BFF
Romantic liaison AFFAIRE
Romantic visionary QUIXOTE
Series opener EPISODEI
Shady bunch? ELMTREES
Spills it, with 'up' FESSES
Stayed the course KEPTATIT
Things in a pod ORCAS
Trunk in the trunk AORTA
Units in modern film ratings? TOMATOES
Well-kept resource WATER
What has different strokes for different folks? SWIMMEET
Wild thing? OAT
Winter coat lining FLEECE
Winter coat lining FUR
___ system (GPS device) NAV
___ topping PIZZA