Universal - Mar 24 2017

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Clues Answers
"... ___ home and native land" ("O Canada") OUR
"Her maiden name was" word NEE
"Stat" attachment ION
"The Little Red Book" chairman MAO
A definite article THE
Abbr. title for a group of gentlemen MESSRS
Alphabetic symbol of yore RUNE
Audible breathing sounds RALES
Bad ___ (German spa) EMS
Bake eggs in their shells SHIRR
Banded chalcedony ONYX
Be sought after, in a kid's game HIDE
Big gulp SWIG
Blossom's friend, on TV SIX
Boggy, swampy places FENS
Business name abbr CORP
Carny barker or salesperson's delivery SPIEL
Catcher's equipment MITT
Certain percussion instruments XYLOPHONES
Combine in a blender MIX
Comedy legend Dick Van ___ DYKE
Constructed MADE
Country club payments DUES
Currently doing nothing IDLE
Diacritical mark TILDE
Drive or reverse GEAR
Formerly married couple EXES
Fraternity letters or cockpit guesses ETAS
Frontal attachment for "bus" or "rod" NIM
Hate and disgust ODIUM
Highest point APEX
Important American caucus state IOWA
In a suitable manner APTLY
Intentionally fail to include OMIT
It's a gas XENON
Lab burner of old ETNA
Like a trident TINED
Clues Answers
Like beer and some fountain drinks MALTY
Little nipper TYKE
LP player HIFI
Make livid ENRAGE
Make updates to factory equipment REFIT
Male sailor SEAMAN
Messy, as a hearth ASHY
Molder ROT
More ridiculous and silly INANER
More self-centered VAINER
Moving air WIND
Nickname for Ireland EIRE
Nosy Parker PRIER
Not sage at all UNWISE
One who works with numbers and books CPA
Owl sound HOOT
Parts of true blackjack hands ACES
Piercing tool AWL
Playfully modest COY
Public and private groups SECTORS
Question of magnitude to a milliner? TOHATEXTENT
Recurring theme MOTIF
Ruler's creation LINE
Sanctimonious person PRIG
School fund-raising org PTA
Sends in, as payments SUBMITS
Silent performers MIMES
Small, tight thicket of trees COPSE
Sporting romp ROUT
Sunday funny COMICSTRIP
Thing taken at a diner ORDER
Unknown persons ONES
Way off base AWOL
Weeping sound from a bird hybrid? HENDOVESCRY
What either male twin on Wilshire Blvd. has? BROTHERINLA
What pessimists expect in random 60-second increments? ANYMINUTENO
Wintour and Moffo ANNAS
Worshiped things IDOLS
Writer of flowery verses POET