- Mar 22 2017

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Clues Answers
''. . . Eighty Days'' world traveler FOGG
''Here's to you,'' for one TOAST
''Indeed!'' QUITERIGHT
''Julius Caesar'' costumes TOGAS
2.2-pound measures, briefly KILOS
After-tax NET
Allow to enter ADMIT
Boss at a bistro MAITRED
Bottomless pit ABYSS
Chimney dust SOOT
Chivalrous rescuer WHITEKNIGHT
Computer malfunction CRASH
Cry of distress MYGOD
Datum, for short STAT
Double-__ sword EDGED
Dr. Jekyll alias MRHYDE
Employee's last words IQUIT
Enrage ANGER
Enthusiastic about INTO
Fearless BOLD
Fencing thrust LUNGE
Final phase END
Flight data: Abbr ETAS
Fully prepared READY
Go bad ROT
Golf peg TEE
Guy who writes jingles ADMAN
Have the opinion FEEL
Hay bundles BALES
Imitating APING
In addition ALSO
Incandescent bulb, e.g BRIGHTLIGHT
Incite EGGON
Inspiration for ''Cats'' TSELIOT
Invoice BILL
Litter's smallest RUNT
Lorna of literature DOONE
Mailbox opening SLOT
Clues Answers
Make over REDO
Mall tenant STORE
Many miles away AFAR
Moderated, with ''down'' TONED
Morning TV host Lauer MATT
New Testament letter EPISTLE
Othello's foe IAGO
Parts of pants with patches KNEES
Piece of corn KERNEL
Poet Nash OGDEN
Psyche parts IDS
Raised, as livestock BRED
Ram's remark BAA
Reach in total RUNTO
Reach in total EQUAL
Respiratory organ LUNG
Ribs cookout, for short BBQ
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Scratching, as a cat CLAWING
See 27 Down SITE
Shape of a globe SPHERE
Sharpen HONE
Slackened off EASED
Slightly, on a music score POCO
Solemn vow OATH
Solidify SET
Sore spot ACHE
Sounds impressed OOHS
Surgeons' facilities: Abbr ORS
Tang of mild salsa SLIGHTBITE
Ultimate LAST
Was the cause of LEDTO
Weep audibly SOB
Weighted down LADEN
Wide belt SASH
Wildly popular REDHOT
With 34 Across, boxing ring FIGHT
__ Baba ALI
__ de Cologne EAU