Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Mar 31 2017

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Clues Answers
' -hoo!' YOO
'Be quiet!' HUSH
'Superfood' berry ACAI
Angry letters HATEMAIL
Appear SEEM
arms UPIN
Asset PLUS
Author Hunter EVAN
Barbecue site PATIO
Basil or thyme HERB
British gun STEN
Christmas tree, often PINE
Debtor's letters IOU
Dieter's lunch SALAD
Dove shelters COTES
Easter entre BAKEDHAM
Eggs OVA
Entry points GATEWAYS
Erte's style DECO
Flair ELAN
Foolproof SURE
Francisco's farewell ADIOS
Glamorous Gardner AVA
Greek vowels ETAS
Help a hood ABET
High tennis shot LOB
Horseback game POLO
In favor of FOR
In the past AGO
Irrationally afraid PHOBIC
Clues Answers
Jargon suffix ESE
Knock RAP
Last writes? OBIT
Limits on loans RATECAPS
Long lunch? SUB
Melville captain AHAB
MP's quarry AWOL
Ms. Rowlands GENA
Nest egg choices IRAS
News-story starter DATELINE
Nile queen, familiarly CLEO
Old portico STOA
On in years AGED
Passing craze FAD
Pear type BOSC
Prattle GAB
Quilt square PATCH
Run-down SEEDY
Salon request PERM
Scruff NAPE
Sheepish remarks BAAS
Shock partner AWE
Skeletal BONY
Stimpy's pal REN
Tarzan's clique APES
Tom Joad, for one OKIE
Vegan's no-no MEAT
Villainous NOGOOD
Walked nervously PACED
Wheat variety SPELT