The Guardian - Quiptic crossword No 905 - Mar 20 2017

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Clues Answers
All my petty cash I laid out thoughtfully SYMPATHETICALLY
Apply a bit of simple mentoring IMPLEMENT
Award for top town centre BESTOW
Awful pity Cern has no one to encode data ENCRYPT
Be prone to deceive LIETO
Decorative accessory for cheerless atrium partially backed TASSEL
Generally, not all abused power ENERGY
Go to nurse with a temperature ATTEND
Happy pill for Mr Efron? PROZAC
Install program into mobile APPOINT
Jump around with Tom securing victory and gold! CAVORT
Lecture son about taking vintage gin to get drunk SCOLDING
Loves to be in Italy and left with the essence of Mediterranean cooking OLIVEOIL
Make a speech about sailor in Old English ORATE
Clues Answers
Make last English king (George VI) old hat EKEOUT
Make use of icing initially in baked tuiles UTILISE
Next to a dinner jacket, excellent new shirt ADJACENT
Perhaps porter's to carry mail to missionary APOSTLE
Prepare care tips to run through PRACTISE
Quit an organisation that's old fashioned QUAINT
Reportedly against bounds for large animals ANTELOPES
Robber's gear concealed in belt BRIGAND
Secured horse between exercise and regular feeds PEGGED
Shoot artistic piece, taking exhibit to November event FIREWORKDISPLAY
Signal when detailed cast list is included WHISTLE
Song comes from sporting equipment commercial BALLAD
This kind of business requires grit and work TRADING
Trapped lion, initially caught, growled aggressively SNARLED