L.A. Times Daily - Mar 17 2017

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Clues Answers
"Oopsy" MYBAD
"The Social Contract" author ROUSSEAU
"The Taming of the Shrew" setting PADUA
"You betcha!" YEP
1979 disco classic YMCA
Actor Auberjonois RENE
Adult insect IMAGO
Ancient colonnade STOA
B to C, e.g SEMITONE
Call off END
Caravan assembler DODGE
Case breaker, perhaps DNA
Category for non-recurring pd. bills MISC
Challenge CALLOUT
Common Market letters EEC
Common Sundance entry INDIE
Crop cutters SCYTHES
First family member SETH
Fit to be tried SANE
Flower holders STEMS
Fold, spindle or mutilate MAR
Gets caught off guard NAPS
Gin __ RUMMY
Grand Prix component ESS
Had on WORE
Hindu ascetics YOGIS
Hospital test MRISCAN
In things FADS
Jack-in-the-pulpit family ARUM
John Deere rep? TRACTORPRO
Laboratory scam? SCIENCECON
Large deep-water fish OPAH
Like some flushes ACEHIGH
Missed the mark ERRED
Clues Answers
Monterrey title SENOR
Mozart opera ending TUTTE
Nile threats ASPS
Not backing ANTI
Notice from Shakespeare? SEEST
Obsessive idea metaphor BEE
Old Nair rival NEET
On the ball ALERT
Ordinary law office employee? NORMALPARA
Other, in Oaxaca OTRA
Participants in some awkward meetings EXES
Party pooper DRAG
Payment that's posted BAIL
Philanthropist, e.g DONOR
Poet's concern METER
Prefix with data META
Pres. when Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka was decided DDE
Refresh, as a cup of coffee TOPUP
Relaxed EASY
Sacred sites SANCTUMS
Saves, say STAT
Short CURT
Slopes TILTS
Snubbing a testimonial? TRIBUTEDIS
Something shared on a plane ARMREST
Spendthrift WASTREL
Spike TV, once TNN
Stocking stuff FISHNET
Student's request LOAN
Subject preceder INRE
Take for a while LEASE
The ANC's country RSA
Throw into turmoil DISRUPT
Time for eggs EASTER
Vacation spot CAPE
Worked on, as a cold case REOPENED