New York Times - Mar 15 2017

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Clues Answers
'And how!' SUREDO
'Behold!,' to Caesar ECCE
'Believe' Grammy winner, 1999 CHER
'CSI' workplace DNALAB
'Fernando' group ABBA
'Hold it - hang on!' NOWAIT
'Right away!,' in the O.R STAT
'Star Wars' knight, informally OBIWAN
'The Addams Family' cousin ITT
'The Lion King' soundtrack composer ELTONJOHN
*'And so it ___' BEGINS
*'You just missed!' ALMOST
*Bonzo and others CHIMPS
*Can't stomach ABHORS
*Elegantly designed trinkets BIJOUX
*Fabric with a cheap-sounding name CHINTZ
1950s-'60s hit with the lyric 'Ah, you made me love you / Now, now, now, now your man is come' CCRIDER
AAA part: Abbr AMER
Actress Kendrick of 'Pitch Perfect' ANNA
Adorable one CUTIE
Angsty music genre EMO
Au ___ (menu phrase) JUS
Ballet leaps JETES
Ballpark fig RBI
Barely manages, with 'out' EKES
Batteries in mice AAS
Boarding pass info SEAT
China holder CABINET
Chocolatier's lure AROMA
Couch potato IDLER
Cry of discovery OHO
Divest (of) RID
Eddie ___, subject of 'The French Connection' EGAN
Fish-eating raptor ERNE
Fix, as a pump RESOLE
Form 1040 ID SSN
Fresh gossip, with 'the' LATEST
Gesture that might be made with a wink NOD
Go astray SIN
Greek marketplace of old AGORA
Had in mind MEANT
Clues Answers
Hang on to RETAIN
HGTV personality ___ Yip VERN
Ilsa ___, 'Casablanca' character LUND
Intel org NSA
Item held by the king of diamonds AXE
Jack who played Sgt. Friday WEBB
Light beam splitter PRISM
Like some light hair SANDY
Long-snouted fish GAR
Lowland, poetically VALE
M and N, in pronunciation NASALS
Motown or Decca LABEL
Newswoman Bakhtiar RUDI
Nikkei index currency YEN
Novelist Waugh ALEC
Only a little NOTSOMUCH
Opposed AVERSE
Paid attention to HEEDED
Patriotic women's org DAR
PHX airport locale: Abbr ARIZ
Previous arrest, on a rap sheet PRIOR
Reunion group CLASS
Rogue computer in '2001' HAL
See blurb ORDER
See blurb ISIN
See blurb EVERY
She went to Haiti in a Cole Porter song KATIE
Showed again RERAN
Singer James or Jones ETTA
Sound like a jackass BRAY
Stand-up's routines BITS
Summer hrs. in Chicago CDT
Therefore HENCE
Thigh-slapper RIOT
Title for 18-Across SIR
Try to win over WOO
World capital whose name means 'gardens' RIYADH
[Wrong answer!] BZZT
___ generis (unique) SUI