The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 26672 - March 14, 2017

Clues Answers
Ancient kingdom largely evacuated, charity recalled LYDIA
Boxed in turn, a kid beaten remains flattened ROADKILL
Chicken ahead of cow, leader's top YELLOWJERSEY
Completely gone — as are cherries? STONED
Con party eccentric SCREWBALL
Cool to pour in wine RESERVED
Dance understood to be a puzzle JIGSAW
Device for drawing level after a few games SETSQUARE
Disapproving cry from New Zealanders having little time for a stick-in-the-mud? WELLINGTONBOOT
First spin in cricket match getting shot of a batsman TESTDRIVE
Hiding in temple, raised seat drops from above RAINWATER
I'm going to impersonate flipping lion and duck! TOODLEOO
In expression of amazement, nothing but delight WALLOW
In the role of an old king, Canute ultimately perceptive ASTUTE
Clues Answers
Intimate relationship's beginning, boy wearing ring PERSONAL
Last part in document, thorough DETAILED
Numbing feeling, doctors end endless pain PINSANDNEEDLES
Old party leader in retreat, a sign LIBRA
One performing as a woman putting burden on man DRAGQUEEN
Out to lunch — like some fruit? NUTTY
Outcast in revolt on the counter LEPER
Passage into India is legendary AISLE
Put out statement in flier CROSSBILL
River bird stopping short of the far north, perhaps? POLAR
Set aside first of logs in piles ALLOT
Very dark stream, second to circle lake JETBLACK
Where junk may be all over the shop ATSEA
Writer reporting the song of an East Sussex town? LEWISCARROLL