Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Mar 24 2017

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Clues Answers
' Little Teapot' IMA
'Batman' butler ALFRED
'For shame!' TSK
Activist Parks ROSA
Actor Epps OMAR
Advertising award CLIO
Arrears DEBT
Auction signals NODS
Austen heroine EMMA
Berate SCOLD
Bro or sis SIB
Bygone days PAST
California's Big SUR
Cantaloupe cover RIND
Colorful beetle LADYBUG
Comfort SOLACE
Conclusion END
Connections INS
Continental cash EUROS
Country star Randy TRAVIS
Curved molding OGEE
Cut the lawn MOW
Docs' org AMA
Eggy quaff NOG
Equi- ISO
Estuary RIA
Feudal slave SERF
French article UNE
Gather AMASS
Gilbert & Sullivan's ship PINAFORE
Glazier's sheets PANES
Hill dweller ANT
In (shortly) ASEC
Clues Answers
Ireland ERIN
ISP choice MSN
Latin love AMOR
Luau bowlful POI
Martini ingredient GIN
Moving vehicle VAN
Part of A.D ANNO
Penny CENT
Poet Teasdale SARA
Prescribed amount DOSE
Present GIFT
Prior to BEFORE
Promptly NOW
Radio host Don IMUS
Reporter's need NOTEPAD
Rice recipe PILAF
Rock's Brian ENO
Run after K LMN
Running late BEHIND
Sister NUN
Songbird LARK
Stately trees ELMS
Steep rock face CLIFF
Still, in verse EEN
Swerve VEER
Tank filler GAS
Tennis stroke FOREHAND
Tolkien creatures ENTS
Ump's call BALL
Verily YEA
Wicked acts EVILS
Winter coasters SLEDS
Woodland FOREST