The Washington Post - Mar 13 2017

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Clues Answers
'60s tripping drug LSD
'Casablanca' woman ILSA
'Dang!' DRAT
'Morning Edition' airer NPR
'That works for me' OKAY
Acorn droppers OAKS
Aim high ASPIRE
Army leader GENERAL
Basics ABCS
Biblical paradise EDEN
Boston NBAer CELT
Cajun veggie OKRA
Cars sold at auctions REPOS
Casino big spender HIGHROLLER
Catch red-handed NAB
Clothing store department MENS
Course including romaine and croutons CAESARSALAD
Culinary meas TBSP
Dead Sea country: Abbr ISR
Expressive chat image EMOJI
First-class AONE
G.I. doll JOE
Genghis __ KHAN
Get-up-and-go BRIO
Gloom partner DOOM
Golf hole benchmark PAR
Greenhouse gas protocol city KYOTO
Hair-coloring agents DYES
Health supplements co GNC
Horn of Africa nation ERITREA
Irritated IRKED
L.A.'s region SOCAL
Language of Copenhagen, in Copenhagen DANSK
Last Olds models ALEROS
Lawrence's land ARABIA
Lion's den LAIR
Loved to death ADORED
Clues Answers
Madame Bovary EMMA
Mar. 17th honoree STPAT
Mets' old stadium SHEA
Mob kingpin MAFIABOSS
Nabisco chocolate-creme cookie OREO
New cow CALF
Owns HAS
PG-13 issuing org MPAA
Pics on ankles TATS
Pike or trout FISH
Pinup queen Page BETTIE
Place to keep a camper, for short RVLOT
Postgraduate degree MASTEROFARTS
Protected from the wind ALEE
Residents around the Leaning Tower PISANS
Restful resorts SPAS
Saddle knob POMMEL
Sailor TAR
Seasoned expert OLDPRO
Sleep lab study APNEA
Snacked (on) to excess, briefly ODED
Some male dolls KENS
Tanning lotion letters SPF
Tie up at the pier DOCK
Took command of LED
Turning point in tennis, and a hint to this puzzle's circled letters SERVICEBREAK
U2's 'The Joshua Tree' co-producer Brian ENO
Vase material named for its white color MILKGLASS
Veggie in a green smoothie KALE
Vermeer or van Gogh OILPAINTER
Where Norway's Royal Family resides OSLO
Window insert PANE
Wiped off the board ERASED
Withdraw, with 'out' OPT
__ buco: veal dish OSSO
__ up: came clean FESSED
__ vincit amor OMNIA