The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,371 - Mar 10 2017

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Clues Answers
Anger in hell -- prayers effective ultimately? DISPLEASE
Bill presented to king when servant's brought round parcel PACKAGE
Bird some Londoners only half spotted COCK
Bit of paper left untidily by meadow LEAFLET
Book a journey across the Red Sea EXODUS
Character getting left out -- is that a kind act? FAVOUR
Colonist taking bench by river SETTLER
County party with right clique DORSET
Daughter working for boss is a stupid person DUNDERHEAD
Description of lorry put in words ARTICULATED
Food firm needed by you and me repeatedly COUSCOUS
French author not superior, chided and laid low PROSTRATED
Fret dreadfully, angrier possibly inside? This will cool things down REFRIGERANT
In the manner of loud protesters, knowing about nuclear weapon STRIDENTLY
Clues Answers
Join the fifth division? UNITE
Nobleman accompanying unknown girl somewhere in Ireland COUNTYCLARE
Old necklace kept in cabinet or cupboard TORC
Rain came to disturb someone living in Ohio? AMERICAN
Restrict what spotter at Paddington does? CONSTRAIN
Shell gets vehicle moving at speed CARAPACE
The French island, safe for recreation LEISURE
Vegetable was starter, not good in the middle BEAN
Vessel of French scientist's workplace -- odd thing hanging from ceiling CANDELABRUM
Walk on board ship is at an angle SLOPES
What sounds like regret for kitchen preparation ROUX
What's this containing iron? It sounds like a bargain STEEL
Where some store items have just about got off the ground? FIRSTFLOOR
Woman of dubious morals beginning to enchant author TROLLOPE